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2 weeks after diagnosis…

The final amnio results came back all clear. Good news for this week. We go back in 2 weeks to meet with the team and come up with a plan of action to manage the delivery and recovery for the little one.

Initially there was maybe a moment when I thought “Why my baby?”- I have never smoked, never had alcohol, I started taking my prenatal vitamins a whole year before we even thought of getting pregnant and I am generally a happy person- but then, just true to whom I am I snapped out of it. I think ‘why me?’ is such a rotten down to go on, because life in general is sucky sometime or the other for everyone- some of them we get to know, some we don’t. We learn to deal with what we got.

After beating cancer last year I have a lot of people tell me, “He is going to be such a fighter, he has a fighter for a mom”. I hope that is true and I hope that me being happy and truthful to myself everyday will be enough for him.

I still have good and bad days. Some days I am very strong and very hopeful and some days I am beyond depressed. But I am better than what I was a week ago. Some nights I just wake up terrified not being able to go back to sleep, and I hug Avy a little tighter, and right at that minute I feel a big kick from inside me and I smile- I HAVE to be happy, my littlest one is here now, in my tummy and I have to enjoy each day I have with him and be the most positive I can for him to become the great fighter we need him to be.

So for now off to Disney World for a week- Cannot wait!!! I have to show the one in tummy on what all he needs to see after he comes out and maybe Mickey will entice him enough! 😉

Here is one of his cutest ultrasound pics;


One comment on “2 weeks after diagnosis…

  1. This post tells everything about you that I love and admire.
    I love that you are such a happy person and I am always left with a smile every time I talk to you. The strength with which you deal with all the tough calls that come your way is just amazing. And yes – I am certainly one of the people to tell you that you are such a fighter, your beautiful baby is definitely going to be one too!

    My heart melts for this tiny little bundle inside your tummy. Darshu and I say a little prayer everyday to keep the little baby inside Anu aunty’s tummy healthy and happy.
    I am sure in just a few months we will all see the pictures of the beautiful little boy smiling along with his proud big brother Avy on this blog. And you are all going to come through this a stronger, happier family closer than ever before.

    Love you loads.

    Florida – watch out! The crazy A family is heading over… 🙂

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