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PTL & Other such stuff

Last Sunday evening started out with some contractions, which of course at that time I believed to be Braxton Hicks. I went to work on Monday and I felt them getting closer together about 4 an hour. I called the Dr.’s office and they advised me to take it easy that evening, take a Tylenol and see if it rides out. It did not. I went into work on Tuesday and the contractions got to be every 8 minutes apart. So I gave my OB a visit, my OB was on call, as I saw another Dr. She checked my cervix, and it was not dilated (good news), and took a sample for a test called Fetal Fibronectin. She also said I have bacterial vaginosis, which maybe causing my contractions and started me on a dose of antibiotics.

The FFN test (Fetal Fibronectin) is to see if they can gauge how close Pre-Term Labor (PTL) is. A negative results almost guarantees that labor is not imminent for the next 2 weeks and saves unnecessary medical intervention. A positive result on the other hand leaves everyone in a gray area, as it does not mean labor is imminent, nor does it mean labor is not. Of course to complicate things further in my case it came back positive. I was asked to go home from work on Tuesday ride out the evening and meet my OB the next day morning.

Wednesday morning at 7.45 am were in the OB’s office. He once again checked my cervix through an ultrasound, it was a good length-3.2, and it ha snot dilated. They then hooked me up to monitors to check for contractions and even then I was thinking that maybe I was making it all up. I started getting lower back pain and extreme pelvic pressure.I was on the monitor for about 30 minutes and it did not even pick up on contraction. Then we met with the OB again and he said I could go home and rest and see what happens as the monitors were not picking anything up. As I was talking, I felt a contraction coming on and asked him to feel it and he did. It was a contraction that due to the bad placement of the monitor was not being picked up. He changed his tune immediately and said I needed to be admitted. I was 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This baby needs to cook way longer.

So we drove straight to the hospital and got admitted. The monitors there were picking up my contractions every 5 minutes. The gave me Procardia 10mg every 4 hours to relax the muscles and I got my first steroid shot at 12.30pm on Wednesday. I was to be there 24 hours as long as I did not progress. The drug Procardia is actually a medication to lower blood pressure but it blocks calcium absorption to the uterine muscles which in turn reduces the contractions. Since I already have low blood pressure to begin with it made me loopy all the time :).

Ajit went home and got my mom and Avy to visit me that evening. He screamed straight into my belly a message for his little brother ” You need to come only in August, and it is only June!!!!”. Avy got exposed to cartoon network that evening and hated the concept of ads. This is what being spoiled by netflix would do. He asked a ton of questions about all the machines I was hooked up to and seemed to do okay. We told him that daddy was going to stay with mommy that night and that we would be home the next day. I sincerely hoped that was true.

Next day showed a even longer cervical length on the ultrasound a 4, and I was discharged around 1pm after my second steroid shot. I as asked to be off my feet till Monday and then go for a follow up.

I met with the OB this morning, we are going to continue the meds for another week as I am still cramping. He did say I could go back to work as long as I sit most of the day. He said no work that involves prolonged standing, like dishes, laundry etc, no dashing through Walmart!!

I do look forward to going back to work, as 4 days at home in bed rest sucks!!!! If this is what it takes to keep him in cooking for a lot longer I am sure I will, but I do not have to say it is pleasant.


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