IUGR-Yes or No?

I had a appointment with the MFM yesterday. I was all happy and cheerful that the contractions are slowing down and generally feeling better. But it had to be short lived.  After the ultrasound he told me that he was concerned as he was in the 9th percentile. He said that his head measurement and femur were average, but the abdomen was very small. He also said it could be due to the CDH and the stomach being removed.  My head was just spinning. I was okay as long as he was talking about it. But on my chart he wrote down IUGR and it scared me.

Now all babies need to be a good size, this little one more so. I loved modern medicine and all, and that is the reason that we will all get to enjoy our warriors. But the amount of guesswork before birth is just so confusing. Some days I think, that if he just comes out, we can know everything. I don’t know, maybe that will be hard in its own way.

For now, I have weekly NST’s, BPP, AFI index measurement and weekly OB and High risks appointments. Enough to keep a girl occupied. So I go on Monday for my NST and OB visit. Will update then.

I do hope it is just skewed measurement and not true IUGR. Because  sometimes IUGR means induced early delivery and he really needs to bake, this little one.


5 comments on “IUGR-Yes or No?

  1. I hope your little guy can bake a bit longer, and that his measurements are just off due to the CDH. Thinking of your family.

  2. Just found your blog. Hoping your little one can stay in and cook for longer. Sounds like he plans on doing that. I wanted to offer some emotional support as my husband and I have just been through a hospital stay this April at UVA with our son who had CDH, among other things. You may not want to read my blog, as Evan didn’t make it, but I can assure you that our babies’ situations are different. At 20 weeks, we found out about other abnormalities (heart, one kidney) and were referred to UVA (we live in Richmond). It wasn’t until about 33 weeks that UVA discovered the CDH. So Evan had other factors on top of the CDH. Anyways, feel free to ignore this comment, but if you have any questions about UVA, the doctors, nurses/staff, ECMO, NICU/PICU that I can answer from a parent’s perspective, please let me know: rpittman07@hotmail.com. Even if you only want to know where the best coffee is in the hospital! You will be in great hands at UVA – they are wonderful! I will be following your story and praying for your little one!

  3. I seen that oh found my blog… Just thought I’d stop and say hi. You mentioned you were a bit ahead… Actually my blog is eons behind. Lol. My Lil Cdh Rock Star is 4.5 months old. She had a severe defect, but is doing amazing. I’ll try and get back to you soon… Things are busy right now. She doesn’t eat, and had a gtube placed this week… But I say if its the least of my worries… And my baby is healthy… I’m happy!!

  4. Hi, my son was born with severe iugr and cdh. We had to get him out emergency c-section at 8 weeks early. Born 1 pound 13.5 oz on 12/30/11, he has been home with us since 4/19/12. I’ve always wanted to blog about our long journey. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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