33 weeks!!!

Finally, I think I can stop worrying about pre term labor much. Contraction are coming in plenty but cervix is tight and closed. So hoping we can make it to 37 weeks atleast. Avy was born 36 weeks and 5 days and I hope the little brother makes it past that.

Today we had follow up growth check with the MFM. I was nervous as usual. Been asking the little one to grow, grow, grow. Ajit came with me, it has been a few weeks since we went to an appointment together, mostly due to the fact that the Doctors are close to my work which is a 45 minute drive one way for him.

Ultrasound went well , Little A was showing a ll his moves, and an excellent practice breathing. Guess what?? I have been complaining since 29 weeks that I have not see his little face has he was head down and showing his back to us all the time, and today he decides to show it just for his Dad. Already a daddy’s boy. We were meeting a new MFM today as our regular Dr. Dennis was off. We waited nervously.

We met Dr. Durica today and I liked her instantly. She came in with good news- Little A weighed 4 pounds and 7 ounces!! Yayy!! He was 3 pounds and 1 ounce 2 weeks ago, so that is good growth. My AFI is over 10 cms and BPP was a perfect 8 today. She also said that as far as the CDH goes looks like the liver is still down and that the heart is not too squished so we can drop any fear of hydrops (heart failure, fluid accumulation etc.). This was music to our ears. For the first time in 13 weeks I feel optimistic (with caution of course).  She said due to the contents shifting between the abdomen and chest some weeks he measures right on track and some weeks way behind. This time he was in the 34th percentile. Which is good for now. Also, when organs shift into the abdomen it gives a little more space for the lungs to grow, so any day it is down it a good day for the lung to grow more. Keeping my fingers, toes and everything tightly crossed.

I think we can sufficiently say that IUGR is out of the picture. She said it was truly IUGR we will be having much bigger problems by now.

So at least 4 more weeks to full term, stay in my little man, stay in!!!!


2 comments on “33 weeks!!!

  1. I am SO glad it’s definitely not IUGR! Grow little A grow!

  2. Yay! Sounds like a good update! :). Keep it up little one!

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