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34 weeks and I spoke too soon!

Now, why would I say I would not worry about pre term labor again? Since my Little A thinks roller coasters are a lot of fun and since he also thinks scaring mom and dad to the point they become blubbering idiots in hilarious he has been amusing himself. The week started peacefully and by Wed nigh I started having some mid back pain which I attributed to gas.  The next day the contractions started coming closer, still 12 minutes apart but the back pain was becoming worse.

SO I made a call to the OB to get my cervix checked, as I have heard some women have back labor and since anything is possible I wanted to be safe. Earlier that week, I felt him move down further, had a day of nausea and loose bowels also signs of pre term labor.  They checked me around 2.3o in the afternoon and I was 2 cms dilated and 50% effaced. I was not ready, just about 34 weeks, and he was about 4-5 pounds, we need more time. At least 2 more weeks.

So I got admitted, they monitored me, got more Procardia doses and they calmed down a bit. I had no change in cervix till 9.30pm so they discharged me. Now I am on complete bed rest at home. In case the contractions kick start again, we would have to do magnesium sulphate. They said even though they normally don’t aggressively treat PTL after 34 weeks, in my case since the little boy needs to cook longer they will. It was good to know we all are in the same page.

So am at home, in bed, trying to tell Little A that he needs to stop this roller coaster- IUGR- no IUGR, PTL- no PTL- yes PTL!!!!!

They say 2 weeks I want at least 3, come on little one enjoy mom’s cozy nest a bit longer!

p.s In other news, BPP and NST’s have been great!


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