35 weeks!!

Had my 35 weeks ultrasound and growth check today. All went well for the most part. He took his own sweet time to show movements and made me very nervous. He weighs about 4 pounds and 15ounces (almost 5 pounds). He is in the 18 the percentile now.  However I do feel like the girl who did the measurements today did not get a good femur measurement, she seemed to have a bad angle. Anyways, I know it is all an estimate.

We are moving next week to Charlottesville, VA (a 2 hours 15 minute drive from home ) next week on Thursday to be closer to the University of Virginia Hospital where we are planning to deliver. We have a tie in appointment on Friday when I will be 36 weeks. I think I will be more at peace once I move closer and I can finally be ready to have this baby.

Moving away from home, my husband and our son sometimes weighs so much in my heart. I do believe that we all will learn to adjust and come out of this stronger. The closer I come to the end of my pregnancy the scarier I feel.




2 comments on “35 weeks!!

  1. I am praying all day everyday for your health and strength. I’m begging heaven at this point. Keep cooking little one.


  2. Hi – I found your blog via Bonnie’s blog.. I am the mama to a soon to be 2 year old L-CDH Survivor, Finley. Just so you know.. those last few weeks they had such a hard time getting good measurements.. they ended up inducing me because they worried she had stopped growing and was going to be small and she ended up being 7.13 and 21 inches. Get lots of special time with your little man now… you will feel torn, but just know your OC will be fine. Rowan barely noticed I was gone she was so spoiled by family and friends. We did bring her by the hospital right from the first day so that she could meet Finley and just explained she was sick. i had anther CDH mom give me the advice of showing her the blog photos of other CDH kiddos to prepare her and explain what was going to happen with Finley. I think it helped.. it was less shocking to her. You will be in my prayers!

    Liz, mama to Rowan and Finley (L-CDH survivior)

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