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Day 13- Big Day at the A household!

So today was a big day in the A household. – Littlest A, Atiksh was extubated this evening at 6.30pm. They have been talking about it since morning and had to weigh the pros and cons as he had to go back into surgery early part of next week. Dr. Sundarrajan was the NICU doctor […]

Day 12- Day 1 Post op and stable

So today was all about keeping him comfortable and stable. He has being doing good breathing wise, still on conventional vent but the setting are becoming lower. He is on 21% oxygen which is room air and very close to extubatable settings. The goal for the next 24 hours is to reduce his sedation so […]

Day 11- Perspective

Now that I have had a nap suddenly things seem better. I thrive on order, on knowledge. I had done so much research and knew exactly what to expect when he was born- the oscillator, the nitric oxide, pulmonary hypertension- I knew the possibilities. So even though the first two days was rocky, I knew […]

Day 11- Out of surgery, but not quite fixed yet!

Atiksh came out of surgery about 2 hours ago. This is just a brief update about the actual surgery itself. He had pretty much most of his abdominal organs in his chest – he had his stomach, most of his bowels, spleen, pancreas and left side of his liver up there. Dr. Rodgers was able […]

Day 11- In surgery

Surgery just began about 45 minutes ago. Ajit and I got here around 6am and we got to soak up some quality Atiksh time. Daddy got to hold him this morning and he got daddy strength, now he has both of our strength.  Though Ajit was petrified beyond belief to hold him, he did great. Atiksh was […]

Day 10- Anxious and nervous!!

Surgery is tomorrow, first thing in the morning. We have been asked to come around 6.00am so that we can have some time before he goes down for surgery. I am nervous beyond words. It is a major surgery. We met with the neonatologist and they emphasized the fact that he will get a lot […]

Day 9- Unforgettable

I have nothing much to report except for the fact that today will go down as one of the most unforgettable day in my life, in our life. Today’s nurse Ashley surprised me with this…I GOT TO HOLD MY LOVE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When she asked me if I wanted to hold him, […]