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37 weeks!!

Yayyy I made it to full term with at least one of my babies 🙂 I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Nothing much to report, still having strong contraction 6-10 mins apart, but I do not think they are the real thing. My next appointment is Tuesday and maybe some progress by then.

Avy and his dad are all returning back tomorrow, I have enjoyed having him with me all week and very much bummed out he has to leave tomorrow. I am not sure how I will cope. He misses his house, his friends and his routine. He keeps saying that this is not his house and he wants to go back. It will be better for him to go to daycare and have that normalcy and they will come back Thursday night.

I have a bunch of things I need to order and catch up this week. Avy was attached to me all week and I could not get anything done. So this will be a time for all that. I do not have much else to add right now!



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