The tough part…

Avy just left with his dad and grandparents back to Christiansburg for the week. They will be back Thu night. I am heart broken. I miss him so much. I have stayed away from him a few times for 2-3 days, but not like this. Not when I am home all day with nothing to do, but he is not there. After spending so much time with him these past few weeks I am miss him even more.

He was ready to go back to ‘his’ house. He wanted to go back and see his friends and I think the normalcy will do him some good but all this is very hard for an hormonal pregnant me. He seems to understand that I will not be there and that he will come back in few days, but I am not sure how he will actually react to me not being there.

I am heavy- hearted now and as he was packing his toys back home we packed his magnetic board and he asks me “Amma where will you draw if you want to, if I take this?”. How do kids know how to tug your heart? I have promised him to draw something for him everyday on paper till Thu.

Four days seem so short, yet so long…


3 comments on “The tough part…

  1. waiting is tough… we can do this!

  2. Children are incredible. His love will get you through this. Take these four days for yourself. You need to build up your stores for the road ahead. Xo

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