Home Stretch!!!

All set for the induction on Fri as this baby suddenly seems to have settled in and has no intention of coming out and I prefer it that way.

Avy , Ajit and in laws left Sunday night and this time I broke down crying more. Probably because I had been on edge all weekend and the reality of the journey we are going to start on is sinking in. He could be in the NICU for 2-3 months and it means our family is seperated so much and it breaks my heart.

I used all the energy I had left to do big school supply shopping for Avy. He is starting a new class on Wednesday at his pre school and to make them feel like “Big Kids” they now have a supply list, weekly homework etc. I am missing his first day and it breaks my heart.

We both have been attached to the hip all weekend long. Such lovely tender moments were shared. As I was putting him in the car seat and explaining to him that I will see him in 3 days, he just grabbed me and would have given me about 30 kisses. I then gave him as many and told him to “Keep them safe”. He replied saying ” I will keep it safe Amma , I will open my cheek take one kiss and then close it and keep it safe”. How can a girl not melt into tears??

Ajit & I discuss about the baby with Avy all the time and he is so excited to have a baby brother. His nickname for the baby is Amik and he uses it all the time. Every time he says the most affectionate things and I get a gripping fear in my heart that he should be able to see his brother, we should be able to get him home and that statistics of 50% survival rate keeps me up at night.

Avy has been asking for a bunk bed ever since I got pregnant and we have been telling him that when baby Amik is 2 years old we can. This weekend as I was putting Avy down for a nap he says , “If Amik wakes up in the middle of the night and is scared, I will tell him from the top bed – Don’t be scared Amik, Avy is here”.

As you all can see why I have been an emotional mess. This week is being very hard. I know he has stayed in long enough and he needs to come out. As Ajit says only if he comes out they can fix him. I am so scared of what is going to happen and the journey it is going to take us on.

Just 3 full days before I get admitted at 12 noon on Friday. Please send strength vibes to my little fighter!!!!


9 comments on “Home Stretch!!!

  1. I mean honestly am unable to even emphatise, gives me shivers…but u know Anu somehow have been thinking of you atleast once a day in the last week and i strongly sense i would be hearing the best of news! Lil Amik wil sure b as good a fighter as Avy and we are all gonna see it 🙂 love you loadsss >:D<

  2. Will be praying for you!!

  3. Thinking of you constantly…hang in there!

  4. Go! Fight! Little one and Mom!

  5. Sending lits of thoughts and prayers today!!! Fight, baby A!!!!! Keep us posted!

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