Day 3/4- Moving along!

The past two days have been eventful in a good way.

– They have started using the colostrum which I have been pumping religiously to do oral care. They swab it on the sides of his cheek to help control the bacterial growth in his mouth.

– His vent settings on the oscillator have come down and he is on pretty low settings which is good, as he is now close to being moved to a conventional vent.

-They are weaning his medicines down a bit.

– In the best news of the day, he is completely weaned off his Nitric Oxide support for his pulmonary hypertension. Yayy for that. This makes him closer to being ready for surgery.

– They are talking about surgery to be done early part of next week. So will keep everyone posted on that.

He is still on significant amounts of blood pressure medication Dopamine and has not been reacting favorably to the wean, so hoping they can wean that too. They did another echo and an x ray today, results for both I will know only tomorrow and hopefully it shows progress.

Since surgery will not be till next week, Ajit, Avy and his parents have left back to Blacksburg so that Ajit can get some work time in and Avy can see his friends and go to school. They will be back Friday night. I was okay to let Avy go this time as I have a little boy to take care of here. Avy and I agreed he has three people taking care of him (Ajit and his parents) and Amik has three (Me and my parents). All is fair.Β  Since we do not do much except see Atiksh at the NICU we felt that if Ajit can work this week then he can take off more during and after surgery which again is a critical juncture in this journey.

We took Avy again today to see his baby brother to say byee. Avy is the really the cutest, he helps us maintain sanity in all this. He told us that “Babies should sleep next to their mommies, Amik is by himself”. There is so much affection in his heart and I do hope that Atiksh will get to enjoy that warmth soon.

I also need to add that we LOVE everyone at this hospital. They are amazing. The lead neonatologist Dr. Sinkin is just super awesome. We make it a point to attend the round every morning and in awe of they work to make these little babies alright. I should also say all his nurses so far- Cynthia, Kam, Taylor and Cynthiana have all been lovely. They are taking such good care of my baby and I will forever be grateful for them. I sleep knowing he is in good hands.

In summary we are cautiously optimistic that they have started talking about surgery and that things are moving in the right direction, slowly and steadily. I also promise pictures and the birth story sometime tomorrow.

His name sign and place for his footprints…










All his machines minus the nitirc oxide machine…







All his medication lines…











Avy getting a little heart from his brother…








Family picture time…(Avy also got a small diaper like his baby brother)






Avy stuck the hearts he collected from his brother and made a artwork for his own room…


13 comments on “Day 3/4- Moving along!

  1. Yea Anu Im so happy for you πŸ™‚ Hugs to Avyukth πŸ™‚

  2. Dr. Sinkin is amazing. The NICU Nurses there are angels on earth. Amik is fighting a good fight – slow and steady win this race. His big brother is so sweet, I promise this teaches our other children compassion. They become wise beyond their years, in a very good way. Sending positive thoughts and prayers and hoping for a dull week and weekend. Dull is good for CDHers!
    ~ Elizabeth

  3. Wow, he is moving right along! Keep fighting little buddy! πŸ™‚

  4. Yayy for little Atiksh!! That’s the fighting spirit
    My littlest nephew. You are doing great. You are
    Getting prayers from all over the world. Your Annas Akka and all their friends are praying extra special for you. We all love you so very much. So please keep fighting to get better and as Avy is asking sleep next to Amma.
    Anu/Aju give special flying hugs n kisses to both My nephews

  5. Sounds like he is off to a great start!! So proud of him πŸ™‚

  6. Your blog is the first thing I’ve been reading every morning these past few days. All of us wish the best for you and Atiksh, and of course, Avyu.

  7. Doing good Atiksh!! Stay strong little warrior!!

    Shelly Moore

  8. Great going Kutty…well done…sending hugs and prayers ur way…


  9. not all are endowed with such courage…hats of to a brave mom and fighting tom

  10. So so happy things are moving in the right direction. Avy truly is just the most affectionate boy I know and I can’t wait to hear the many many brothers stories to come!

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