Day 5- Step down!

Day as usual started with me heading out for the morning rounds. It felt different and kind of scary as Ajit had left and I was going there by myself. It did not feel the same, but I keep telling myself that we have to do what we have to get through this and get our baby home.

Rounds were good, he is making good improvement. Looks like surgery will be early part of next week Mon or Tue. This is great news, as after that the real tough part of the journey begins and we can work towards getting him home. They also talked about weaning him off the oscillator vent into the conventional vent which is a step down in a good way. I had told the nurse to give me a call so that I can be there, but then there was some confusion and she could not. They had told her they were not going to do it today but did it anyways when she was at lunch 🙂 Whether I was there or not it is a big step down and I am glad. I went by in the evening and he is doing good and looks comfortable on the new vent.

He is also on a list of medications:

Dopamine- This is for his blood pressure, his goes down often and he needs it to bring it back up. He was on a high level and was very sensitive to any weaning, however yesterday was a good day and they could come down a whole lot, his current dose is still high but they are going in the right direction.

Fentanyl- This is for sedation to give the baby some rest. Again he is very sensitive and does not like anyone messing with this one. So he is pretty sedated most of the time.

Milrinone- This is to help his heart function properly, as his heart was pumping slowly due to the pressure the lung was placing on it. However today’s echo showed some improvement so they may wean him from this soon.

He is also getting his nutrition via the various lines placed in his body. He gets TPN solution which is a nutrition solution and will be on it till they can start feeding which will be after the surgery. He had gained teeny bit weight since his birth.

So all in all a good day for him. It still is very hard for us. As I was laying down to nap this afternoon (I sometimes forget I need a nap, after all I gave birth only 5 days ago), it struck me that I now have two sons. It all is surreal when you do not have your baby with you. It also made me feel, I have two, but neither one is with me and it made me very very sad for a while, till I just fell asleep. I did wake up in much better spirits as I got the call that they had moved Atiksh to the conventional vent.

Avy had a good day on his class back with friends and I cannot wait for Friday for them to come back. I really need my strong men all together. So to a good night and a better tomorrow, mostly it will help if everything is dull and boring till surgery date.



10 comments on “Day 5- Step down!

  1. So good to know about this progress Anu. Also, great that you are taking the time to write this down. Although you will never forget how your baby made it through, you might not remember all the details. Even if not for you to remember, or for Atiksh to read about his early fighting spirits, I am sure your blog might help someone else with the same condition some day. Keep up that strength. Know that we are all praying for you guys. My mom and dad send their wishes too. Mom said she will medidate for Atiksh and you during her everyday Reiki sessions as well. Take care. Ramya

    • Ramya, Thanks for this. The reason I am writing is to help the family coming after us on the same journey to get some strength. That is how I gathered strength all through my pregnancy.

  2. Glad to hear that Aktish is getting better Anu! Praying that he should recover really soon..

  3. YAY!!!! Oh the sweet sound of silence! I did NOT miss that oscillator! I’m so thrilled for you guys that it’s gone! Congratulations!!!!! Big day! Xo

  4. Good progress Amik Hope and pray this continues and he can have surgery on Tuesday. Stay strong Anu/Aju. We are praying for your strength don’t worry.

  5. When I saw the title “Step Down” I was a little worried! But so very happy to see its all for the better. That is so awesome. Way to go little darling Atiksh! Yay 🙂

  6. it is really a step down from much more worries…..while all the prayers will do what they r supposed to do my thanks to those doctors and nurses for their selfless smiling services……their job is greater than god’s..i salute them

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