Day 7- Slow and boring

Today was a slow and boring day which is awesome. Not much to update. Few highlights:

– They have completely weaned him off Milrinone for his heart. One less medicine yayy!!

– He likes the conventional vent, and it staying stable

– Daddy got to do oral care and it was awesome

– Avy visited him and took him the picture below. This will be his last visit before Atiksh’s surgery.

– Surgery team says he is good and ready, so keeping my fingers crossed for everything to remain status quo till Tuesday.

– Atiksh also got his hair combed and held his daddy’s finger:)





2 comments on “Day 7- Slow and boring

  1. Glad to know that Atiksh is doing good Anu.. Praying that he recovers soon.. Take care of your health Anu..

  2. Amazing. Boring is amazing!

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