Day 9- Unforgettable

I have nothing much to report except for the fact that today will go down as one of the most unforgettable day in my life, in our life. Today’s nurse Ashley surprised me with this…I GOT TO HOLD MY LOVE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When she asked me if I wanted to hold him, I was in shock. I did not know what to say. I wanted to hold him, give him some mommy strength before surgery, but I did not want it to affect him. She said it will not. It was an beautiful hour. She said I need to hold him at least an hour. He was awake when he came onto me, and I made him sleep. It was beautiful. When we put him back on his bed, he was sleeping tight, did not even wake up a bit. It was a nice day. I will not get to hold him for many days after surgery and it was real nice for her to let me do this.

I told Ajit, that I felt guilty that I got to hold him and Ajit did not. He said since I carried him I get first dibs. Yes I do!

I hope that the surgery goes well and holding him will be a daily occurrence. Keep those prayers, good mojo, positive thoughts and whatever you can coming. Atiksh needs it all.


17 comments on “Day 9- Unforgettable

  1. Wonderful!!! This is so incredible 🙂 So happy for you and your family Anu. This little guy is something special!

  2. Oh Anu! I am so thrilled for you! Super super happy you got to hold the little darling before the big day. Sending loads of love and good luck for the surgery tomorrow!

  3. Also, you look beautiful and Atish is just too cute! 😀

  4. Really wonderful….loads of good luck and prayers little darling…

  5. Hes beautiful, you’re beautiful, everything is beautiful! Hooray! You do totally get dibs! Awesome. Awesome.

  6. Great Anu. We are waiting too to hold and hug him..

  7. Dear Anu!
    Have been closely following Atiksh’s Awesome progress! He is gorgeous and a precious bundle to behold! When we meet him in future, bet he
    will be narrating us all these stories!

  8. So sweet 🙂 Gorgeous pictures, and a very memorable day. I’m sure he soaked up lots of pre-surgery Mommy strength.

  9. Great news. Wonderful pictures capturing the milestone.. one of many to come!

  10. This is such a pleasant surprise!!!! Congrats…he is doing so well!

  11. What a wonderful surprise! Made me tear up 🙂

  12. Great! We are proud of you Anu kutty. We are so happy we send our love and wishes to all of you. Be brave. We all pray for you.

  13. Really great news Anuma. We are very happy for all of you. Our love and best wishes. You all are always in our prayers. All the best.

  14. wonderful Anu. happy to view the pic that u r holding him.. all our prayers are there for him forever. really we all wonder of your courage and conviction. all the best to Atiksh kutty.

  15. I have looked at these beautiful pictures a million times now….they just bring tears of joy de. He is beautiful and so are you. Cheers to many more beautiful times and pictures!!

  16. Look at the jet black Hair. I agree ANu, he does look like baby Avy

  17. all the best to Atiksh kutty, you and Ajith, you all are in my prayers everyday. Lovely to see you and Atiksh, perfect picture of mom and son holding so lovingly together.

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