Day 11- Out of surgery, but not quite fixed yet!

Atiksh came out of surgery about 2 hours ago. This is just a brief update about the actual surgery itself. He had pretty much most of his abdominal organs in his chest – he had his stomach, most of his bowels, spleen, pancreas and left side of his liver up there. Dr. Rodgers was able to get all of the contents back down without much difficulty and closed the holed in his diaphragm with his own tissues and DID NOT require a patch.

They said they did notice lung tissue on the left side, which is good. However, Dr. Rodgers was not able to fit all of his bowels within his abdomen. In CDH babies, due to all the contents growing in their chest the abdomen sometimes tends to be smaller and all the organs do not quite fit in totally. A portion of Atiksh’s bowels are in a bag outside his body called a silo pouch. He will have to go back into surgery, mostly, a week from today, once his abdominal swelling has gone down and his abdomen is a little bigger, and they will put the bowel back in and close the incision. In case the Dr had tried to force the bowels in , it may create problems in the long run. The chief resident mentioned that he did push it all in and tried to sew it, but second guessed himself as it was a little tight. I will take the man’s decision- he is one of the best, if he thinks this is the best course then this is.

For now he is heavily sedated and still on the conventional vent. They will do blood gases every 2 hours and he may need to go on the oscillator for a little bit, but I am hoping he will not need it.

Nothing can prepare you to see your baby like this after surgery. We were heartbroken. What we thought will end today , is now extended another week with nothing much for us to do but wait.He is at an higher risk for infection to slow this whole thing down.  He has a big dressing on his tummy where they have tucked in the intestine etc, you cannot see the organ, but just knowing it is there is making this very hard. The pain and discomfort he might be in just breaks our heart to pieces.

As I am typing this, we are waiting to meet the surgeon in person one more time and see what he thinks and when will the silo bag be done for sure.

Atiksh is one strong boy and this CDH is now officially a ‘roller coaster’ for us. I am so tired with the ups and downs.

Will update any other changes tonight. It has been a long and unexpected day. Just when I thought I had researched it all, CDH threw me this curve ball. I will not wish this on anyone ever.

My boy is strong and maybe I will be too after a nap!


6 comments on “Day 11- Out of surgery, but not quite fixed yet!

  1. Anu,
    It breaks my heart to hear that he needs another surgery and also is not quite fixed yet 😦 But please stay strong for Atiksh’s sake…. He is one tough nut and will be fine pretty soon… Until then he needs mommy to stay super strong. Sending lots of positive energy your family’s way!

  2. May God give this little boy all the strength needed. I am glad he is the finest of hands that can take care of him. Our prayers will give him the strength to heal and come out stronger. Our prayers are there for all of you to be strong at this time to hold yourselves together to be there to support him. He will be just fine. Be strong. lots of hugs n kisses to all of you.

  3. My heart aches thinking of Atiksh and what all of you must be going through. But I know in my heart Atiksh is going to be super fine and one strong boy very soon just like his mom! Time is all we need for everything to work out. Loads of love and hugs to you.

  4. Anu..Pls stay strong for Atiksh’s sake..There are so many prayers of Atiksh that he is going to be fine real soon.. He has the strength of all of you guys. Sending you lots and lots of hugs ,prayers and positive energy.

  5. Lots and lots of hugs to you
    Really wish I was physically close to give all my strength
    this phase Will pass soon and we Will all soon be enjoying Atkish
    always praying for you guys

  6. Dear Aju, Atiksh is a strong boy and as i told you earlier he is going to be fine and soon you all are going to have fun with the little master blaster. He had enough at this early life before even know what is surrounded him. And be sure that nothing will approach him throughout his life. Our prayers with Sabarimala Sastha are always there and awaiting your early message that the boy is home.

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