Day 12- Day 1 Post op and stable

So today was all about keeping him comfortable and stable. He has being doing good breathing wise, still on conventional vent but the setting are becoming lower. He is on 21% oxygen which is room air and very close to extubatable settings. The goal for the next 24 hours is to reduce his sedation so he can wake up and then they will be ready to extubate him. They will extubate him to a oxygen support called CPAP. This is like a little oxygen mask that goes on his nose to give him a little support. He will be on this for a week or more and then depending on how he does they will wean him to a nasal cannula and then he will be allowed to breathe room air with no support. Also when babies are extubated they can finally cry and I think this will be only time I would want to hear him cry.

Right now since he is sedated if they change him to CPAP he will be too sedated to breathe on his own, so he needs to be awake first. So that’s the goal for tomorrow. I spent few hours in the morning and evening with him today, held his hands and told him to be so strong.

I always complain that Avy looks so much like Ajit and I do not see much of myself in him physically or in his nature. Atiksh looks a lot like Avy when Avy was born. So I said, I give up that any of my kids are going to look like me. Something sweet happened today that I have nothing to complain about.Before the surgery they thought that after the surgery Atiksh might need his blood pressure and heart medications back. He proved them wrong and did not need any. As we were scrubbing in to go and see him Ajit said, ” Well Atiksh has your strong heart and no one can take that away”. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever??

The elephant Avy got him giving him company as he sleeps…




Some pics to remind him of us and how much he is loved…


Conventional vent settings…


Tiny footprints of a mighty man…


Love you my little fellas!!!


6 comments on “Day 12- Day 1 Post op and stable

  1. Yes he does have a strong heart a nd strong will like you Anu. You are the strong rock for Aju, Avy and lil man Atiksh. Give your strength to Atiksh to keep hitting the milestones that the doctors set. We are all there for your strength. Our prayers and thoughts are always around you all. This too shall pass and you can all breathe easily very soon.
    Lots Of love, hugs,

  2. That is a super sweet thing to say 🙂 Yay doing well post op!

  3. So glad he’s doing well! I love your pictures 🙂

  4. We are all very happy that Atiksh is making progress, slow may be. But by the grace of God he will pull through.

  5. ithuvum kadanthu pogum….there is always at the end of the tunnel…..3 cheers

  6. Wonderful pictures. So glad he’s stable and doing well.

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