Day 13- Big Day at the A household!

So today was a big day in the A household.

– Littlest A, Atiksh was extubated this evening at 6.30pm. They have been talking about it since morning and had to weigh the pros and cons as he had to go back into surgery early part of next week. Dr. Sundarrajan was the NICU doctor this week and she felt that if the surgery was going to be on Monday then extubating today and re-intubating on Monday maybe too much pressure. The surgical team confirmed that the surgery was going to be Tuesday morning, so she was ready to extubate him. He was on very low vent settings and was starting to wake up a bit today and so was all set to be extubated. We made three trips today, so that we would not miss the BIG moment. It finally happened at 6.30pm. It took about 5 minutes and we thought he would cry right after it, but he did not. However I am glad the tube from his mouth is out. He is now in the CPAP system, which is a breathing aid, a small oxygen mask fits onto his nose with the help of a weird looking head gear. It looks worse than the vents, but it is a HUGE step forward. We left right after they extubated him, as it was shift change for the nurses. They were going to do an blood gas at 7.30pm to see that he was tolerating the CPAP well. There is a chance he has to be re-intubated if his blood gases (the way he is able to expend out the CO2) were not good.I was very anxious. I called at 8pm and they asked me to call in 30 minutes. Finally at 8.30 I got to talk to his night nurse- Heather, who gave me the whole story. Apparently they pricked his feet to get blood to do the blood gases and it came very very bad. They were confused as he was doing very well on the vent. They finally realized that his extremities were very cold and that his circulation was not proper. So they drew blood from an arterial line (just like an IV) and tested that it was beautiful. Now they have given him extra saline to help circulation and hopefully it would make him feel better.

He was wake this afternoon and it was so cute. He was looking around with those big eyes and he seemed comfortable. His whole silo seems to have reduced, they say the bowels may settle in slowly due to gravity and that on Tuesday it will be an easy fit. I do hope that is the case.

His nurse said that since they thought he did so well he had to have a temper tantrum and give those bad blood gas numbers to make sure everyone is on their toes. Now things have settled in and am keeping my fingers crossed that he has a good night and settles in the CPAP and has a good 4 more days before the next surgery. Keep those vibes coming.

– My other little A, Avyukt, came with us today and attended the pre-school at the UVA. It is a free 2.5 session in the morning. I was so nervous as Avy is very shy and reticent usually when he has to go to a new class, but he LOVED it. They let him paint, and the teacher, Ms.Lisa was awesome with him. I am glad we found something to keep him occupied here and making our visits with Atiksh easier. I am also glad he is getting over his stranger anxiety.

– Yours truly, started driving again. I had stopped driving at 34 weeks pregnancy and it has been so long and it felt so liberating and good to be driving again :):)

– Ajit just spent the day overwhelmed but all of our progress :):)

Mr. Cute eyes- finally awake after the surgery!!!!


Being extubated!!!


Bye Bye vent!


Hello CPAP!!


His cute little oxygen mask!!!



13 comments on “Day 13- Big Day at the A household!

  1. So happy to hear this next little step towards better times. I do wish its already this time next week when the second surgery would also be done and Atiksh is doing even better. Good to hear Avy and you are progressing. Remember to take care of yourself. After all you are also only a week post partum. Take care. Ramya.

  2. Sweet little Atiksh, may God Bless my little one.
    May God give you all the strength and courage
    To get through.
    Lots of love

  3. Great news. Hope maintains this progress.

  4. 13 DAYS! Holy moly! We were still 5 days away from even having surgery! Go Atiksh!!!

  5. Way to go, Atiksh! He is amazing and beautiful 🙂

  6. Anuuuuuuuu he is sooo much like Avy….those eyes! so cute, wish i cud just give him a biggg hug…no before that one to you :):) lots of prayers your way…am waiting to see that those white stuff off his face and see the lil boy smiling with his big eyeess >:D<

  7. All will be well Anu. He will fight the other surgery also . Our prayers are with all of you. Love you all.

  8. Ohhhh Very Glad to see this post and Atiksh getting stronger by the hour!! All will be well.. Count my prayers in… May God thrust His stregth into Atiksh and get him back to normalcy!

  9. Wow! Sweeeeet eyes! Romba cute.

  10. Hi! Cutey pie! Lots of prayers for u from coimbatore, india. U ll be back with a bang!

  11. Always live to see the “Standby” picture!! Go little A! He is amazing 🙂

  12. This is great news! So so glad Atiksh is doing so well! Keep it going darling! He certainly has the cutest eyes!

    Once again wishing you a boring weekend ahead..

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