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We are home!!

After a surprise turn of events we are home!!! Will post details soon!! Advertisements

Day 40 – Changes

So Atiksh did what is considered a big no-no in the NICU when we are trying to go home. He lost weight two days in a row!!!! Not sure why the high calorie milk and the ad-lib feeding did not work. However, I do have a theory. To me ad-lib meant feed him anytime he […]

Day 39- Hare and the Tortoise

A few weeks ago when I was working with Avy on his activity books, there was a question on it: “Which is faster the hare or the tortoise?”. Avy answered ” The tortoise” and I had a hard time explaining to him why the tortoise is slower than the hare even though the tortoise actually won the […]

Day 38- Halt!!

Well, looks like he will not be home tomorrow. We got a call when we were in Christiansburg getting ready to come back saying that they want to keep him for a few more days. My mom and I got back today, Ajit will come once we know Atiksh’s discharge date. He did not gain any weight […]

Day 37- Clean

Today was all about cleaning in more ways than one!!! Atiksh got his first ever bath and I got to give it to him..yayy!! I carefully washed that gorgeous head of hair and he was smelling all Oh so good. No pictures as I was by myself doing this. It is funny how much more […]

Day 36- Things moving right along

So we have started talking about the ‘H” word since yesterday. Last evening he pulled out his feeding tube and since he has been taking about 75% orally, they decided to leave it out. They said as long as he was keeping it up they would leave it out. He has been taking about 55-60mls […]

Day 35- Closer

Atiksh took his first full bottle on Thu night….WHOA!!!! He has also gained weight 2 out of 3 days!!!! It has lit a fire under everyone’s ass 🙂 It means he will come home pretty soon!!! His central line came out and he has been taking 55 mls steadily. We got the car seat ready […]