Day 15- More rest and waiting.

Today was a slow, boring Saturday, just the way we like it. I skipped going for the morning rounds and slept in with Avy and got some mommy-son time in. Once Atiksh’s surgery is complete and he starts to be more awake I need to be there most of the day to help and learn the feeding routine. So I am trying to soak in Avy time and rest before that.

Ajit made it to the rounds- no major changes, he is in CPAP setting of 7 and feels comfortable. He is on 2 pain medication/sedation- Fentanyl at 1.5 and Versed at .05. They weaned the versed down to .03 this morning and will be full cutting it off tonight, so he will be only on one medication which is good. Tomorrow we are thinking about asking them if they would consider coming down on the CPAP setting as he is doing well, we will see.

After a day at home, I went with Ajit to visit him in the evening. He was asleep mostly and occasionally opened his eyes when he heard our voices, but went right back to sleep. It is okay as he needs his rest to grow. Today we got to change his diaper and it was awesome and scary at the same time. If you put squirmy baby plus wires all over the place, plus an open abdomen, it is pretty scary. We managed to do a semi – decent job 🙂 It was nice to hold his feet and lift his butt up, finally felt like doing something normal with your baby. We were also allowed to take his temperature 🙂

We stayed for a bit, I pumped and gave them fresh breast milk. The prefer fresh to do his oral care as it has more antibodies, so I pump there atleast once a day at the hospital to replenish their supply.

I hope Sunday and Monday stay slow too and Tuesday turns out to be fantastic. It is a smaller and shorter surgery and the surgeons who visit him everyday feel that it should be an easy fit back inside. Sometimes they push the intestines in a little by little, but with him they decided to wait till Tuesday. However they have mentioned that due to gravity most of his bowels seems to have settled in but themselves so Tuesday it should be a matter of finishing up and stitching him back up. From there on it is a matter of learning to breathe and eat before he is ready to head home.

Just a pic we took before he headed into surgery and when daddy got to hold him-




3 comments on “Day 15- More rest and waiting.

  1. Keep up the good work Atiksh!! He’s doing so awesome 🙂 I’m glad you guys are getting to spend some time together as a family. He’ll be home before you know it. Way to go!!

  2. That’s my boy Atiksh. Keep it boring for now.
    Anu glad to hear he is progressing like this. We are all praying that this surgery goes well and everything gets fixed soon. Be strong.
    Lotsa love

  3. He’s proving to be Avyukt’s brother. See how he’s posing for the photo already!

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