Day 18 – Surgery..Take 2 !!!

We just got word that his surgery is done. He did well. They were able to close down everything in without too much tension. Dr. Rodgers exact words were ” We were pretty pleased”. I can live with that!!!

Apparently he is already trying to wake up in the OR, so they are going to leave him intubated, so that they can keep him more sedated. The tube should come out in about 24 hrs give or take depending on how he does.

He does have a chest tube which would most likely come out in a day or two.

I also asked Dr. Rodgers about the risk of re-herniation. He says with a primary close (closing with the muscles themselves without using an external patch) the risk of re-herniation is low, less than 10%. He said it is a possibility but not a great one.

I am breathing again- our boy is all fixed. Everything is where it should be now. Now on it is just a question of learning to breathe, learning to eat and learning to give up those pain meds.  Everyday from now on is going to be one day closer to getting him home. The journey after this might still be long, but it is going to be all about healing. My little champ pulled it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can finally see us all having an Halloween together, and we can dress Atiksh up as a pumpkin just like Avy’s request.


7 comments on “Day 18 – Surgery..Take 2 !!!

  1. Thanks to all doctors, nurses and God Almighty for making this possible so far. And hope and pray the recovery goes without any hiccups. Now our little champ has all th work to do to learn to breathe, eat and keep it in. Big hugs to you Anu and Aju.. Praying God to give you strength through the recovery process.

  2. Thats a big big milestone! I am so glad everything is progressing the best possible way and I am sure Atiksh is going to be home before you know it! All my love to the little pumpkin ( and the big one ) 🙂

  3. So happy to read this. I am glad that he is all fixed and is on the road to recovery finally. Hope the day you can take him home comes very soon. Best wishes. Ramya

  4. I have tears in my eyes right now! So happy for you guys!

  5. Excellent news. Hope the next few days are just a breeze..

  6. Excellent news Aju and Anu…god bless!
    Pray to see little atiksh dressed as a cute pumpkin on Halloween….
    Loads of prayers and good wishes your way!


  7. nice Anu and Ajith. God bless u my dear

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