Day 20- Decisions

Today was the first day in a long time when I had to go by myself to see the little guy. Dad and big bro left yesterday. I was very anxious to go in today. I was very happy that he had an uneventful night. No temperature spikes and he looked very pink after the extra blood he received yesterday. His hemoglobin had come up and they were happy. His blood culture at 15 hours came back with no growth which is good, hopefully the final result will be no infection too.

In other steps forward, his chest tube was taken out and his CPAP setting was weaned down to a 5. They told me they will go down to a 4 tomorrow and then maybe consider a nasal cannula. I cannot wait to be able to see my baby’s face again.

I have been trying to track the peds surgery people to get an idea on when they would okay the feeding. It is the longest part of the journey and we have not even begun yet. I was told during my night visit to see him, about 30 minutes ago, that surgery will not okay feeds till he is off CPAP. I was told during the morning rounds that feeding can start with him being on CPAP. So I am now very confused. I need to try and get everyone on the same page so that he can be weaned off CPAP and then begin feedings. Surgery people are just so hard to catch, maybe I can get more answers tomorrow.

Atiksh was mostly drowsy all day. He was awake for about 30 minutes this morning and any time after that I visited he was just sleeping. The weaned one of his medicine, versed, a little and he did fine. I am sure they will start weaning his meds tomorrow as he seems too comfortable and too sedated. Again him being off pain medicine, or at least on a very small amount, is also a necessity for the elusive feeding decision.

I was warned by the doctors that this is where the progress slows down and it is a test of patience. CDH recovery is a marathon , I have often heard, not a sprint, just a marathon. I am trying to keep my need to have a plan under control, as every day seems different and I cannot get a grasp on it. I do hope that my nature to have a plan, to have a control does not spin me into a tizzy!!!

Just some pics when Atiksh was awake after surgery!!

Just a tiny scar- see, I am all fixed up.








Just because mommy thinks I am cute!








One of big brother, just because he is too adorable and rocking a brand new hairstyle!


5 comments on “Day 20- Decisions

  1. My two handsome kutties.. Atiksh is gonna get rocking soon!! He probably needs a haircut too, look at all that hair!!! He will take his own time I guess to get to his milestones Anu, all your capricorn planning may not be followed by your little fella. I pray he beats the plan and reaches his goals sooner than you plan and make you a happy mom. May God Bless you all.

  2. Atiksh looks verrrrry cute!

  3. Very good progress on the infection scare and the Cpap level:) Anu…. He is doing awesome but Iam sure he has his own plans to keep surprising u all in a good way!!! Prayers for Atiksh and also hope u get some rest!

  4. I love Atiksh’s eyes da…god bless!! Asalways Avy is a sweet little darling:)…
    Good to hear he is making progress Anu…prayers your way..he will be soon home with his big bro and lovely mom and dad…

  5. Love Atiksh’s eyes! They are just too cute. And of course Avy is a rockstar! Very glad to know the infection was just a scare. Hope today is a better day to get your answers on feeding and getting started with the process. All the very best di!

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