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Day 21- A little slow

It has been 21 days since little Atiksh came into our lives. He will be 3 weeks old tomorrow!! Time seems to have whizzed by very fast and almost seems surreal that I have a 3 week old baby but I have held him only 3 times.

Baby steps forward were made today- CPAP weaned down to a 4, his fentanyl was weaned and he seems comfortable. Surgery let us know that they do not want to start feeding till he is weaned off CPAP. I think he will be weaned to a high flow nasal cannula by Sunday. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that some part of early next week feeding should start.

I have had a crazy busy day, as I am heading back home for Avy’s fourth birthday tomorrow. I felt really sad saying bye to Atiksh tonight. I read him two books and gave him a kiss on his feet and said that daddy will be coming to see him tomorrow evening. This is the first time we have left him and all of us are home- but Avy deserves it. He was bummed that Atiksh will not be there, and I understand that, Atiksh kutty you will be surely missed.

I am planning to stay back and return on Monday morning, while daddy stays in C-ville from Saturday night to Monday morning. We are exchanging boys!!!!

My dad is leaving to India shortly (Monday), so today I took him and he got to hold the little guy, it was a beautiful moment. I know all other grandparents will get to see him come home and hold him then. I am sure it is very hard for my dad to leave, but things have to be done. Him being with us for the most crucial 6 weeks was such a boon and we could not have managed things the way we did without him. Love you Appa, you will be sorely missed.

I got to hit the bed, too tired after a long day- I am going to sleep wishing time would move much faster and I can have Atiksh and Avy together in my arms!!!

Peak-a-boo (I do hate CPAP, the entire nurses unit in the NICU agree that it is cramping my style, especially my hair- my night nurse today said she is dying to get this off me so she can comb my hair!!!)










Thatha- I will miss you!!!!


One comment on “Day 21- A little slow

  1. That is such a great pic of thatha and little Atiksh. He is slowly but steadily making progress. Any we are all praying for you to hold both of your boys together as early as possible.
    May God bless Little Atiksh to get to normal very soon.
    Aparna Ramasundar

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