Day 22- Big steps on big brother’s birthday!!!

I am too tired to write a long post but just wanted to update the biggest step so far for baby Atiksh- he was on ROOM AIR today. They thought today was a good day to remove his CPAP and let him breathe room air. Apparently he LOVED it. Though we missed it , I am beyond ecstatic. Ajit should be there shortly and I am waiting for a picture of the tubeless face. Now that he is off CPAP hopefully they will start feeding him early part of next week.  The nurses tried to send me a picture but somehow it never reached me. I will post the pic tomorrow, as I going to hit the bed now with my little birthday boy Avy.

Big brother had a busy day too- first soccer game, birthday party at home with grandparents, a big boy bike as gift. We are too tired now.

I think Atiksh realized what he is missing and decided to move forward with his recovery!!!!!


2 comments on “Day 22- Big steps on big brother’s birthday!!!

  1. Hectic but fruitful day today! Keep up your spirits. God bless!

  2. Each step however small it may be gives lots of hope & strengthens our faith in GOD.
    GOD, as many say, tests the faith of HIS loved ones but blesses them in the long run.So Kannamma everything will be fine.The day is not far off when all of us shall have gala time with both your sons.Love you & pray for the strength of all of you.

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