Day 23- Steps forward

Let’s see- he was on room air most of the day yesterday but he got a bit tired, so they put him on the nasal cannula till he gets stronger. Like I said just because he can breathe room air does not mean he should. He needs some rest.

So now he is on 6 hrs of CPAP and 6 hours of nasal cannula for a few more day and I am totally okay with it. Ajit and I both missed seeing the tubeless face- aaah maybe next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he still rocks the nasal cannula- Deep in thought!

Also, they have weaned his pain meds further down and he is doing good.

In addition he also got to get dressed up for the first time today!! This is the only pic I have that Ajit sent with him screaming. I promise more pics sometime soon once I find some time.

In biggest news of all- we are having some food in the joint!!! They started with 10ml of pedialyte every 3 hours for the first few days. If he throws up or shows discomfort they will stop all feeding and give him some rest, if not they will keep going and maybe start breast milk mid week next week. He is being fed by a tube directly to him tummy. Hoping he handles it all well!!

So he is a daddy’s boy!!!!!!!! Dad is there one day and he does all his progress 😉 Maybe he looked at his dad and thought he cannot handle any more grey hair.

We are switching back tomorrow and I go back and Ajit gets back here. Here is hoping to a boring week with some progress each day.


2 comments on “Day 23- Steps forward

  1. Well done little darling…I really luv his eyes:)….hugs and prayers kutty..

  2. Awesome Amik Kutti. Keep it going. You look
    So adorable. May God Bless you dear.

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