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Day 26- Feeding frenzy

Today was a day about increasing Atiksh’s feeds. I tried breast feeding but it is too overwhelming for him and very hard on him. He seems to prefer the bottles and I am okay with it, as it will get him home sooner. So they increase his feed by 5 ml every 6 hours.

During today’s morning rounds, I asked them what the goal was to get him home. You see I work better with a target and a plan. I needed a plan. So the target right now if for him to build up his feeds to 70 mls (about 2 ounces) every three hours. He needs to take them 100% orally , not spit up too much, gain weight and be off the breathing support for him to be ready for home.

His typical feeding routine consists of a bottle, and 30 minutes to try drinking it orally. Whatever he does not finish goes in his feeding tube. He did have two feeds through the tube today as he was sleeping and they did not want to wake him up. He had 4 bottles from me and I must say he finished it all and I am super proud of him. Yes he did spit up each time, but I am concentrating on the good- HE CAN SUCK AND DRINK. He is not totally averse to the bottle. As his nutrition through his feeds increase they will drop his IV nutrition. The true test comes when he is on 100% breast milk- he should gain weight- which is a huge pre requisite to come home.

In case his reflux is bad, they will visit other methods to control it like medication etc. I need to discuss tomorrow if him throwing up may affect his lungs in any way, because at times his heart rate goes up very high and he de-sats when he throws up. Reflux is an common ailment in CDH kids, as their bowels have been manipulated, so we just need to work through that.

In other positive news, we have poop- yayy, so things are working the way they should. He did have some difficulty pooping today, he had only one poop, so they will watch him to make sure everything is 100% okay.

So tonight, I just confirmed he took his 9pm bottle- 45 mls (yayyy we are more than 50% of full feed) with minimal spit up. I hope he can continue on and not get too tired. He does look so tired once he finishes  a bottle, I guess having just one good lung can tire you out.

Today Doctor called him “Quite the character”- Atiksh was wide awake and staring at them during rounds :):). I was also told he looks at me with total adoration *blush*

Me in full glee after getting him to take a 40ml bottle-


One comment on “Day 26- Feeding frenzy

  1. We hv been following ur blog regularly and that indeed is a great progress! Best of wishes and prayers for him to come home soon and join you guys as one family!


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