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Day 29- Feeding troubles

I have been so busy the last two days and a little depressed- but the lack of post yesterday was mainly due to the fact that I was tired. We had a birthday party for Avy and his friends last evening and I was in Christiansburg. It was fun and was nice to have a day out.We drove here right after that and that made so tired I could not post. So I am just recapping the last two days.

So what do you do when you kid loses weight 3 days in a row? Freak out and feel helpless. That’s what I had been feeling. Days 28 & 29 were just about getting him drink his volume and make sure he does not throw up and he gains weight. They started Erithromycin for him to help move the food in his bowels and in turn reduce throw ups. It seems to have helped a bit. They had told me spit up was okay as long as he was gaining weight, but he is not. So we are waiting and watching and thinking of new things to help him.

He was in room air for 24 hours and did great so am rejoicing for that. Small victories. Though I feel guilty that I am not rejoicing it to the full extent I do not know what to do. As a mom feeding issues trouble me more, I get obsessed with it. I am learning to let go and trust the doctors. They will come up with a plan.

Today is Day 30, I will update that post tomorrow and catch you all up!


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