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Day 31- More of the same

Today was just about letting Atiksh be, eat and grow. He is still on the neocate and I am on a dairy free diet. After 48 hrs they will use my breastmilk and fortify it with Neocate and feed him. I am hoping he has gained weight today. I will not know till later, they usually weigh him later at night.

He did okay with his bottles today- his dad got him to take a record 41mls by mouth at the 6pm feed. He did have a few spit ups/ throw ups etc, which once again many not matter if he is gaining weight. He is still predominantly tube fed.

They have turned off his fentanyl fully today and he is on methadone to help with the withdrawals. The doctors also think that the vomits might be due to the withdrawal. So once he stabilizes and they can wean the methadone too, we can see how he does with the throw ups.

He gets physical therapy and occupational therapy every other day to help keep him on his milestones. Kids with CDH tend to have some development delays due to the prolonged NICU stay. Atiksh is on target at 1 month mark, they say he had good head control. They also give him some tummy time, as much as he can tolerate. The occupational therapy people felt that he may have some issues with his wrist and are working on extending it, nothing major to worry, just a point to note.

I spent most of my day with Avy. Avy also got to visit his baby brother, who was awake for once. He wanted to hold him, touch him, feed him and do everything. I do hope it is soon. Spending the whole day with Avy also makes it harder for me to say good-bye to him. He was acting all clingy and did not want to leave me today. It was very very hard to see him go and it sucks. I miss him so much. It has been too long. It has been 54 days since I moved here. I do hope it is not that many more days.

Here’s hoping to a good weight gain for Atiksh and a peaceful week for Avy and Ajit who I know miss me a whole bunch too. I am going to bed dreaming of us all being under the same roof soon.


One comment on “Day 31- More of the same

  1. Hi Anu,
    While I know the whole feeding issue is overwhelming right now…I sincerely hope that Atiksh doesn’t have any allergies and gains weight normally! 54 days away from home is long long time…hang in there…. Atiksh will soon be ready to go home and all of u can be home real soon… Sending lots of energy to mommy to tide over this final tough stretch!!!

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