Day 32- Happy one month little guy!!

He is one month old…I cannot believe it, sometimes it all feels like a dream- his birth, his surgery, his silo..everything. In honor of his birthday he delighted me wide toothless grins all morning. All I could capture was this blurred picture. Every time I tried to put him in the crib and made him smile he just seemed bored…

No mommy I do not want to smile!

Isn’t that cute???

In other news, he had lost weight last night, about 30 gms, not a whole lot, but still. However, something happened last night- the night nurse, who I will forever be thankful for, tried something which worked- she gave him his bottle, he took about 20 mls, which is hig magic number, and when she put the rest in his feeding tube, she did 10mls, waited for 1o mins, then did another 15 so on. This worked wonders and he did not throw up once since his last 9pm feed last night till about noon today which is 6 feeds..whoa!! He did throw up a little at his noon feed, but then nothing after that. So from 6 vomit episodes yesterday, he is down to 1 today…progress!. I am hoping and keeping everything crossed that he has gained weight.

The plan if he loses weight again, is to further fortify his milk. Breast milk is 20 calories per unit (I think!), so now he is on Neocate which is 24 calories, if he loses more they will up it to 27 calories.  Since I am into dairy-soy free diet for two days now, tomorrow we are going to fortify my breastmilk to make it 24 calories. At this point, he will surely come home only on fortified breast-milk, which means I need to pump and feed. Maybe in a month or two, he can breastfeed directly and we can stop this.

Now the next job is to wean his methadone, which is making him very sleepy, and then once he is awake more they will encourage him to take him more by mouth. Once he gets to eating 75% of his feeds by mouth they will remove the feeding tube and watch him. He HAS to gain weight to be discharged.  So there- that is the goal. They all ae hopeful it will happen in about 2-3 weeks.

The surgeon saw him today and said that Atiksh set the bar so high for himself, but doing so well with the surgery and recovery that we are expecting miracles with feeding too while Atiksh thinks, he has had enough and wants to take it slow. Slowly but surely we are getting somewhere.

I wiped him down and dressed him in a new outfit for his birthday and sang Happy Birthday and got another toothless grin.

Edited to add: He did gain a little bit weight today…small victories.

Here is the birthday boy!!

All decked out!!!


4 comments on “Day 32- Happy one month little guy!!

  1. Nice hairstyle, bday boy!!

  2. Vow…..cute. He makes the rules, so just relax mommy. He S already telling u that. Happy one month birthday Atiksh

  3. Wish Atiksh darling a very very Happy 1 month B’day! He looks exactly like Avy in the first pic.. He is such a cutie! Atiksh baby – you have been an absolute rockstar the first month of your life and I am sure its just going to get better! I want to see you back home soon so you dad can weave his magic with the SLR and capture some super photos of you!

    Anuu.. sorry I disappeared for a few days.. went for a short trip and just got back..will talk to you this weekend!

  4. He’s sooooooo cute! Happy 1 month little boy!

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