Day 33- Progress

He did gain quite a bit of weight overnight and is pulling back up to his curve. Today was a good day. He threw up only abut two times and was mostly happy. They re-introduced dairy free breast milk fortified today. I would have to continue that when he comes home for a while too, till he is able to tolerate more volume.

He has a central line which will come out tomorrow and then he can have his first bath. The poor guy has all throw up hair and really needs a bath.

In other news, I was given a discharge packet today- it mean it will really happen soon in the next 2-3 weeks. I watched all the videos I had to before discharge- car seat safety, infant cpr etc while my mom baby sat Atiksh .I have an infant CPR class tomorrow. I starting to clear things off the discharge checklist slowly but surely.

Now that they have found his sweet spot with the fortification, the next goal is for him to start consuming more by mouth. Today he averaged 30ml by mouth most feeds, while his total volume is 70ml. So slowly we are inching towards that. He did have a bit of gas problem today and was mad at the 6pm feed, I hope he gets better.

We are also working towards getting the home ready for him soon, and suddenly it seems daunting, as we have nothing for him. So I made a long to-do list today and will up super busy these next few weeks.

This morning I held my baby and talked with him and he happily fell asleep in my arms- a baby who for 19 weeks in my pregnancy I was not sure if I will ever get to bring home,a baby who I cried for every single day for 19 weeks, a baby whose smile I am so lucky to see, a baby who happily slept for 2 hours in my arms today and a baby who is doing all this because of some amazing people at UVA hospital. I think about leaving this place, I imagine telling my good-byes, but I am always wordless when it comes to imagining how I would thank the team that saved my baby.There are no words to thank people for giving you such a gift. Atiksh is alive today due to the sheer awesome teamwork of some unbelievable people and I will always, always be grateful and thankful to them. I am not sure why I am so emotional today, I just am…I think a baby falling asleep in your arms will do that to you!!


2 comments on “Day 33- Progress

  1. Yessss!! Amik Kutti just today I told your big bro
    Avy that I will come to christiansburg to see you both. He says you are still in Charlottesville and so is Amma and Raji paatti. I told him you will all be there very very soon and I will come to see you once you settle down well in your own home. Thank all your doctors and nurses from athai too. We owe them a lot!! We will always be indebted. Love you lots n lots n lots.

  2. Yay Yay Yay!!! Thats just the best news I have heard a long time! I am so thrilled .. keeping fingers, toes everything crossed for things to move on as smoothly as possible! A couple of weeks is like right here.. thats so so awesome! Tons of love..

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