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Day 36- Things moving right along

So we have started talking about the ‘H” word since yesterday. Last evening he pulled out his feeding tube and since he has been taking about 75% orally, they decided to leave it out. They said as long as he was keeping it up they would leave it out. He has been taking about 55-60mls of his 70ml feed orally. Now he has to prove he can gain weight with this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

While we were talking about going home the doctor started telling me about how all his caregivers need to get flu shot, and I told him I already have all of them take it, a week ago since I knew it would take 2 weeks for it to take effect. He was impressed and said I should come and work for the hospital in training people for discharge !!! I really want my boy home and so I am getting prepared.

However since Atiksh makes up his own mind, he has once again decided to do it his way. We were thinking discharge closer to end of next week, however looks like it will be a LOT sooner. So we are scrambling getting everything ready. We got the car seat ready today, we got the cars washed and did some shopping. I had forgotten just how many things a baby needs. Whew!

Ajit and his parents are going back home today to clean the house and get the house ready, the crib ready and get the carpets cleaned. I am having Avy with me and will most likely take him back on Monday and just Ajit & I will return to take the little guy home on Tuesday or Wednesday. Keeping everything crossed.

Surgery team is very happy. We asked Dr. Rodgers if he would take a picture with him, and he said he will when we come back to the clinic in a few weeks. I LOVE that man I tell you, the one who fixed up my boy and gave us our biggest gift ever.

So we still have so many things to do, but it is getting done at lightning speed. In his own fashion he never lets us be prepared, I am in with this one for a lifetime, and I will take it gladly.

I pulled my tube out !!!!!!!

Mommy loves on me!, I like it !!!

Daddy makes silly faces!!

I do want to go home!!


One comment on “Day 36- Things moving right along

  1. Anu….. Such happy news…Atiksh is truly a hero…congrats many times over

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