Day 37- Clean

Today was all about cleaning in more ways than one!!!

Atiksh got his first ever bath and I got to give it to him..yayy!! I carefully washed that gorgeous head of hair and he was smelling all Oh so good. No pictures as I was by myself doing this. It is funny how much more confident you are about taking care of a baby the second time around. Then he was so hungry that he breastfed like a champ. Hopefully he gains weight and we can stop this fortification business soon.

Ajit went home to Christiansburg and has spent the entire day along with his parents cleaning the house and unpacking Avy’s old baby stuff. Getting the house ready in record speed for his little champ.

Avy, my mom and I spent the entire day packing the Charlottesville apartment and cleaning it.

I am taking my mom and Avy back home tomorrow with a lot of our stuff. Ajit and I will return and we are spending the night in the parent-care room in the hospital, where we can care and manage for Atiksh an entire night all by ourselves.

If all goes good and he keeps gaining weight and eating well, Tuesday might be the D-day.

Through this journey, Tuesdays and Saturdays have been important for us, so I am hoping that is the case. I am desperate to take the little man home and us all be a family again.

p.s I also did baby clothes shopping, it is just a lot of fun!


4 comments on “Day 37- Clean

  1. Woohoo keep it going Amik Kutti. All the love n hugs to all of u

  2. HOORAY! So excited for you all! Will cross my fingers for Tuesday 🙂

  3. Wowieeeeeeeeeeeeee…..well done kutty payya…god bless!

  4. Go atkish go….
    thank you so much and for bringing atkish so close to all of us with your daily posts
    God bless the A family – really looking forward to the family pic taken at your home 🙂

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