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Day 40 – Changes

So Atiksh did what is considered a big no-no in the NICU when we are trying to go home. He lost weight two days in a row!!!! Not sure why the high calorie milk and the ad-lib feeding did not work. However, I do have a theory. To me ad-lib meant feed him anytime he wants, but do not let him go more than 4 hours without feeding. To the nurses it meant feed him whenever he wants and let me sleep all he wants. So he went a 4.5 hour stretch yesterday afternoon and a 6 hour stretch last night as he was asleep.WAKE HIM UP. Grrr. I think this is what caused his weight loss.

Anyways, this put everyone in a tizzy when I went for rounds this morning. After a long discussion with the nurse, I told them that he needs to fed every time he wants and not let him go more than a 3 hour period without food. We then got the nutritionist and the doctor and made sure they write in the order correctly. You see, if the order does not say it clearly some nurses interpret it differently. I think even with a normal baby we are not allowed to let them go for more than one 4 hr stretch. I am trying to get my baby home and so I spent most of the day at the hospital being anal and making sure everyone understood it.

They also went to 30 calorie breastmilk and this is their last card. They cannot fortify it any further. I am hoping this change with the feeding schedule change will show some weight gain. They want to see a 3-4 day trend of weight gain before they talk discharge again. In case this does not work, they may have to put the tube back in and that is a huge step backward. NO TUBE PLEASE.

I hope the next few days go well, keep us in your thoughts!!!


One comment on “Day 40 – Changes

  1. Our prayers are with all of you. Lots and lots of blessings for little A the fighter. Don’t worry
    It’s probably the nurses misinterpretation that set him back. Be there as much as possible to
    Monitor his feeds. He will be home soon.

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