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Happy one month!

Happy one month at home dear Atiksh. It has been nothing but wonderful. Just this week has been stressful with Avy being sick- cold, cough, ear infection…but nevertheless, just what I wanted with all my boys under one roof. I am not sure if I have mentioned before but about 5-10% of children with CDH […]

Saying bye is hard!

My mom left to India today. I miss her.She has been with us for almost 10 months. She came in Jan when I was very sick with nausea and vomiting and has stayed with us every step of the way through this arduous journey we went on. She was determined to go back only after bringing the […]

A special two month birthday!

We celebrated Atiksh’s two month birthday in two special ways- We had his traditional Indian naming ceremony (Punyavachanam) at home performed by Ajit’s dad and we took a special little trip to Charlottesville, where it all began, to see Dr. Rodgers for his surgery follow up appointment. We named him ‘Rangarajan’ after my dad as his […]

Winter worries and rules!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while. It is the beginning of the flu season and it means cold, germs, cough and sickness. We are going into what is commonly called in the CDH world as ‘Winter lockdown’.  We are going to have some rules for everyone and it may seem […]

Update from a tired mom!

Just a short note to update that things have been nice and boring for the most part. Atiksh is doing well with weight gain, he gained an ounce a day at last week’s weight check- this is good news. However it also means he needs to be on the 27 calorie breastmilk for a while, […]

On the home front…

A lot of people have asked me how Atiksh has been doing. He has been doing well. The first day, Friday and the second day Saturday were overwhelming to say the least and I have a lot of help at home.My mom and Ajit’s parents are here to help, yet managing two kids is hard. Avy is suddenly not really thrilled […]

Days 41 and 42- recap

Since I never got time to post what transpired that got us home so quick I am going to do an update on the last two days at the NICU. Day 41-Thursday I had to go to Roanoke for my 6 week check up and then stop by my office to decide on my future […]