Days 41 and 42- recap

Since I never got time to post what transpired that got us home so quick I am going to do an update on the last two days at the NICU.

Day 41-Thursday

I had to go to Roanoke for my 6 week check up and then stop by my office to decide on my future working plans. Atiksh always had some major strides when I was not there and I was secretly hoping for that. I was going to stay at Cburg and get back the next day with Avy. Atiksh had gained 30 gms Wed night. I really thought they wanted to wait till Monday to send him home. However, I call at around noon to check up on him and the nurse says they are thinking about discharging him tomorrow. I was shocked as once again I was not prepared. So Ajit and I rushed back Thursday night, all the time telling ourselves that if he loses weight tonight he will not come home. They weighed him Thu afternoon and he had gained 15 gms and they decided not to weigh him after that, because they wanted him to go home as much as we wanted him home. Some babies thrive better in a home set up and I am sure Atiksh is one of them. We can feed him more often at home, and try different things to make him gain, and I think they had that confidence in us. Discharge was decided and we slept early on Thursday in preparation for the big day.

Day 42- Friday

We reached the hospital at 8.30 am in time for rounds. Everyone we so excited for us. They do the rounds for the discharge baby first, special treatment you see. They discussed about him, they were all happy. They let me asked my whole list of questions I had painstakingly made a list of all through his journey, each day I wrote a question I would ask on the day of discharge. We discussed briefly on what to do if he fell sick, precautions we need to take (All in our family, including grandparents got the flu shot and the TDAP booster) etc. They kept telling me time and again that he is a normal baby. It is hard to believe that. We got our follow up with ped surgery set for Oct 18th and then a NICU follow up at 6 months.  The resident told me that she is definitely going to convince me that he is just a normal baby who will do normal things. At the last minute it was decided that Atiksh needed an renal ultrasound as he was born with a skin tag. It was done and all was normal. They helped us pack our things, we  and we hit the road at 11.15am. He slept through the entire 2 hours 15 minute drive and woke up for a bottle as soon as we got home.

It was overwhelming to say the least. I saw Avy standing at our doorstep with his “Best Big Brother” T- shirt and I broke down crying. It was all too much. This moment was something I was so scared to even imagine for us and it was happening. We were taking our little one inside and making our family whole. It is how it should be!


3 comments on “Days 41 and 42- recap

  1. 4A’s together as a family at home is how it will be. He is a normal baby with a normal family. Blessings for all of you to continue a normal life forever!!

  2. Hip hip hurrayyyyyyyy!! Very happy for you “A”‘s:)….lots of hugs:)

  3. Praise the Lord. I am so happy to hear that y’all are home. I pray for a thriving baby and stress free parents!!! We are still in the NICU fighting to come home with our CDH baby boy, Wyatt and can only imagine the emotions you felt because I get overwhelmed just thinking about what it will be like to walk through our front door with Wyatt.

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