On the home front…

A lot of people have asked me how Atiksh has been doing. He has been doing well. The first day, Friday and the second day Saturday were overwhelming to say the least and I have a lot of help at home.My mom and Ajit’s parents are here to help, yet managing two kids is hard.

Avy is suddenly not really thrilled about sharing his parents, the usual response. He LOVES the baby, yet at time he wants all the attention and feels really sad. It took us two days to learn how to handle all this and return to some routine. Avy kisses the baby’s head and feet all the time, he downs himself in sanitizer before he touches Atiksh and is a very happy helper with the diaper and wipes.

The hardest part is the feeding- here is my routine, I have to pump breastmilk every 3 hours, I then mix it with Nutramigen to fortify it and keep it in the fridge, then Atiksh drinks that milk every two hours, he burps, poops, sleeps for 30 minutes and he eats again. The result fo this tons of pump parts and bottles to clean, wash and sterilize, plus is is beyond tiring to pump and breastfeed. I was SO overwhelmed the first day. I breastfed Avy for almost two years and that is what I know. This bottle feeding business is new for me , I spent the first two days determining which bottle is good for him and today 5 days into the process we all are doing better and in a routine.

He was on the 30 calorie breastmilk when we got discharged, and we went to the pediatrician on Saturday. He had gained 2 ounces since discharge and we briefly discussed his case and fixed a two month well baby appointment. He was in the 8 percentile for weight and 56th percentile for height!! I then fixed another weight check for Monday and spent all weekend making him eat often and a good quantity to establish a good weight gain.I was obsessed to say the least .On Monday he had gained again, success, all the efforts paid off. I then contacted the nutritionist at UVA and we have decided to reduce his milk to 27 calorie. The goal is to wean him to full breastmilk and breast feeding sessions and still show weight gain. Let us see.

Other than he is a normal baby and we do normal things at home. He is being pampered by all grandparents. We did go for a walk yesterday and we are a family  I still am in tears over something every day, when Avy holds him or kisses him, or when I am feeding Atiksh and Ajit is reading for Avy and it is the family I envisioned, or when Atiksh gives me big smiles in his toothless glory or when he searches for him as soon as he hears my voice….so many tender moments…will update again when there is more to report!!


2 comments on “On the home front…

  1. Congratulations on the first successful weekend at home! I knew you would have a million things to settle into so didn’t want to interrupt over the weekend. Will talk soon.
    I can totally picture the full family at home – so awesome!

  2. I’m so happy for your family! I can’t wait to hear more updates. This has been a long time coming and so very deserved by all of you!

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