Update from a tired mom!

Just a short note to update that things have been nice and boring for the most part.

Atiksh is doing well with weight gain, he gained an ounce a day at last week’s weight check- this is good news. However it also means he needs to be on the 27 calorie breastmilk for a while, as I think he is at the maximum volume he can take.

My mom is leaving back to India on the 20th and my in laws will be here till Jan. I am trying to take care of a lot of things which we never did before he was born, and that is keeping me totally occupied.

Though I do find time to post I do not have the energy. Next week is filled with Dr appointments for the little one and I will update after that. Till I find more to write, all of you take care!!

I know people do worry when I do not post, but lack of posts is only because I am just a tired new mom of two kids who is learning the ropes.

Just few pictures to make up for lack of posts 🙂

My monkeys!!!!!!!

Nap time!!

Big brother reading to little brother!


5 comments on “Update from a tired mom!

  1. OMG ! I almost thought that was Avy! Atiksh is cute as a button.. he is just too adorable.. Lovve the pics! Keep them coming!

  2. Nice to read such “boring” updates. Where is the pic of new mom with her 2 kids??
    Totally cute of Avy to read to Amik

  3. lovely pictures!

  4. Cute pics:)…luv atiksh’s eyes and hair…avy asusual cute:)

  5. I need to get some CDH mommy advice. We are trying to get Christopher to gain some weight. When you feel rested, my e-mail address is DAJJN@verizon.net

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