Winter worries and rules!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while. It is the beginning of the flu season and it means cold, germs, cough and sickness. We are going into what is commonly called in the CDH world as ‘Winter lockdown’.  We are going to have some rules for everyone and it may seem that we are going overboard, but trust me after what we have been through this year, these precautions are a small price to pay.

– We will not be taking Atiksh anywhere other than required doctor appointments.

– All his caretakers have gotten the flu and the TDap shots.

– We will not be having any guests over in order to minimize exposure of germs.

– Anyone who goes outside- work, daycare, shopping will take a shower after coming home, before going anywhere near Atiksh.

– A lot of hand washing and sanitizer dousing in the house.

– Anyone who has a cold will wear a mask- this mainly applies to me, as I am in the closest proximity to him during feeding times.

– We will try and fight and get him the RSV vaccination for the RSV months- Nov- April. If insurance does not cover it, it is almost $ 1500 a pop and that is 4 or 5 shots, almost $ 7,500-again if we think he needs it, he will get it.

– Once the weather becomes better, we promise everyone will get to hold and play with the little guy.

This week, in spite of all this precautions  Avy came down with a cold, then I did and it is hard to manage. Avy cropped a fever last night which has made things worse. We are keeping Atiksh confined to our room for today and Avy away from him. Atiksh woke up with a heavy congested nose, and I used some saline drops which seems to have helped. I hope that is the extent of the cold and nothing worse happens. So as you can see, even with everything it is so hard to keep the little guy infection free.

I am so torn, I really want to be able to make Avy feel better, but I need to be away so that I do not fall sick. So Avy is under grandparents and daddy care. I feel so sad seeing him sick. This is only the beginning and we have a long, cold winter ahead!!!!!!

This is also the reason I have decided to take a break from work. I will not be going back full time till after April of next year. Atiksh needs a lot of hands on care and with chances of Avy falling sick due to daycare being so high, my winter is all about keeping both of my guys safe. I will be working from home on a project by project basis, so I can keep my skills updated. Hope it works out well. I am so glad that my employers have been understanding enough to give me this option this time.

I will leave you all with some good news- Atiksh gained weight and we have gone down to 24 kcal breastmilk, the final step before 100% breastmilk. Yayyy!!

Red rocks!!!

Play time!!!!

Little Mr. Bo Peep!!


3 comments on “Winter worries and rules!

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m expecting a CDH baby in Feb 2013, and I already know that I am going to be having most of these rules as well, as soon as he is able to come home from the NICU! I’m hoping that since summer is only a few months after the birth, that the sickness season won’t be quite so bad then, but I will still be very overprotective.

    • I am so sorry for this late reply. Life has been crazy. I know this is a scary journey and it will be till you meet your baby. But my baby is proof that things do get better. Hang in there and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.,

      • Thank you! I will stay updated on what’s going on with little Atiksh and I hope he continues to do well! It definitely gives hope to people like me who are expecting a little CDH baby.

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