A special two month birthday!

We celebrated Atiksh’s two month birthday in two special ways- We had his traditional Indian naming ceremony (Punyavachanam) at home performed by Ajit’s dad and we took a special little trip to Charlottesville, where it all began, to see Dr. Rodgers for his surgery follow up appointment.

We named him ‘Rangarajan’ after my dad as his official Indian name, and of course Atiksh Krishna Ajit. I do hope that he is a spirited fighter just like my dad. We had a small function at home, just us and it was beautiful.  Atiksh was awake and smiling away!








Ajit, Atiksh and I took a trip to see Dr. Rodgers. Atiksh slept all the way. They got an Xray of him and then we met the doctor. I am assuming Atiksh was either crying or because he had just had milk there was a lot of air in his stomach. Dr. Rodgers asked us not to worry. I mentioned that Atiksh coughs in the mornings as soon as he wakes up and the Dr feels that it maybe some backed up saliva and asked us just to keep an eye. Atiksh is low on the weight scale, in the 15th percentile, but I will take it. This is a big deal with CDH kids and I am happy he is on the charts and gaining weight.We go back in three months to see him again. For now he is doing good. Here is the picture with the man who made it possible for us to have Atiksh!!!!!!!!!















In other news, yesterday Atiksh had an appointment with Early Intervention people. They came and evaluated him and called him ‘developmentally appropriate’ and he is showing some glimpses of 6 months behavior with his emotional side. No surprises, Avy was the same way too.

So all the same a very nice two months buddy, keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 comments on “A special two month birthday!

  1. so sweet Anu. Good luck, officially he’s Rangarajan now!!! He sure looks a cute little fighter boy. Our best wishes to him, Avy and you both.

  2. Wonderful news Anu. Our hugs for Atiksh..God bless him.

  3. Awesome..god news:)

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