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Happy one month!

Happy one month at home dear Atiksh. It has been nothing but wonderful. Just this week has been stressful with Avy being sick- cold, cough, ear infection…but nevertheless, just what I wanted with all my boys under one roof.

I am not sure if I have mentioned before but about 5-10% of children with CDH develop hearing loss. No one is rue what causes it, but it happens. So Atiksh will be getting periodic hearing exams. We had one this week. I was so nervous, though I fully believed he can hear. He turns when there is a loud noise, he calms down for music or us talking, but it is still nerve racking. In his usualy fashion, he did not pass in his left ear on the first try and they thought it might have been because he was a bit noisy. The babies have to be quiet for the test, so I ended up feeding him so that they can do it. At the end of the day he passed and we have to go back when he is about a year old or if I feel he is developing hearing loss. Another part of this journey that we have to keep an eye out for.

We also managed to take a small drive to see the beautiful fall colors this year. Now we are going into deep hibernation mode for the next 5 months so managed to take in some of the nature. We are waiting to hear back from the insurance company regarding his RSV shots, I do hope it gets approved. It is a long, long winter ahead and hopefully this cuteypie will keep us going.

I am ready for the five long months!!!!!!!





One comment on “Happy one month!

  1. Hez such a darling:)….

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