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Lucky number 8!

The number 8 has played such an important role in Atiksh’s life that I thought it will be fun to recap it:

August 18th- He was born, my sweet charming little angel.

August 28th- His first major surgery to repair his Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

September 8th- The first time he took a breath on his own without any form of breathing aid or oxygen support and it was big brother’s birthday

September 18th- He completely stopped throwing up his feeds.

September 28th- He came home after 41 days in the NICU. He came home to be with his family.

October 8th- We got our new Honda Pilot. We were going to buy this car in April of this in anticipation of the new kid. We put a stop to it once we learned of his diagnosis, as only 50% of parents get to take their babies home and we were not sure where we fell. On this date we made it right again, by getting the car.

October 18th- He turned two months old and he had his surgery follow up and it all was well.

October 28th- I finally could add milk back to my diet as he was no longer intolerant to milk.

November 8th- Today is his 41st day at home, which means from today he would have spent more time at home than in the hospital. From today the hospital stay will start to become a small part of his life. In addition, we finally got word that his Synagis vaccine for RSV got approved today and will be shipped out.

As you can see 8 sure is one lucky number!!!!


One comment on “Lucky number 8!

  1. All this is so much etched in you mind right? I wish to God that you get so much happiness (relief from pain rather) that you would have to try hard to remember these frightening days (other than the 8s). Lots of love to you Anu and Atiksh. Cant help stop the droplets reach the ground >:D<

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