Follow ups and such…

Wow it has been a while since I posted, you can say life in crazy. My in laws left three weeks ago and I am trying to balance working from home, taking care of the little one who is getting more and more mobile everyday and balance handling two kids and one husband. It more than a handful. I will be lying if I said I don’t have down time, I do, but I am mentally so fatigued that given the choice of writing a blog or watching mindless television, you can bet what I choose.

Time sure does fly, in about 10 days Mr. Atiksh is going to be a 6 month bundle of pure joy. Let me recap, what we have been up to.

The biggest event was us going for his follow up to Charlottesville on Jan 24th. We made it a family outing. We were ALL so excited about this including Avy. He wanted to visit his Charlottesville ‘home’. I was just happy that I could get out of the house and see people, being cooped in, is NO FUN. So off we went. It is about 2.5 hour drive. We got breakfast on the way, which excited Avy to no end. Both boys did good.

We first had an appointment with Physical Therapist and the NICU doctors. I love one facxt about UVA, they are always on time, our appointments are always on time. So the physical therapist checked him first and he put EVERYTHING she gave him in his mouth and this was hilarious to Avy. Needless to say Atiksh passed with flying colors. He has solid 6 months skills (he was only 5 months completed at that time) and many scattered skills into 8 months. She did recommend we continue the monly PT visit through Early Intervention.She was more than happy with him, but I am sure she would have spent rest of her afternoon scrubbing my baby’s saliva off all her toys. While all this was happening, Dr. Boyle (the nenonatologist) was observing. Then he spent time, a LOT of time checking Atiksh and answering our questions.

We had a big worry as one side of Atiksh’s chest was elevated and it aways worried us, worry that he may have re-herniated. Dr. Boyle out that worry to rest, he said it might be a dis-figuration due to the stress of surgery etc. I am okay with that. Avy was getting a bit antsy as it was close to lunch time and Dr. Boyle gave him a measuring tape and that kept him busy, he was measuring everything.

Of course,since my man is a miracle man, Dr. Boyle was surprised that Atiksh did not have much of a spit up problem, He does spit up, but not any more than a normal baby. He said Atiksh may have been the first baby he has ever seen to have done so well. Atiksh is about 15% of weight and gaining, so we all are happy.

Here are the boys with Dr. Boyle:













Then they asked us to hang around and said that the surgeon will also see him- this was sooner than out anticipated appointment, but they wanted to help us leave early, as we had a drive back. It was good I had packed some snack bars for Avy, that kept him at peace for a bit. Now, if I have not said it before, I will say it again, I LOVE Dr. Rodgers. He came in and checked Atiksh and he gave the stethoscope to Avy for him to hear. Avy face blossomed and I was so so emotional. He said everything looked good and sent us on our way.

Here is the pic with the man:










Then we went to the cafeteria had some lunch and were debating if we should go up to the NICU and show off the little guy. We then decided to go for it. We went up and they had changed the way it was set up and it threw me for a bit. As we were waiting up there they wheeled off a baby for surgery and in that moment I saw in those parents what Ajit and I felt both times. I wanted to say something calming to them but remembered that nothing will help till they see their baby safe again. Then we met a few nurses- they all could not believe how big he has gotten.

I really wanted to see Dr. Priya (Dr. Sripriya Sundararajan), as she was his Doctor for most of his stay. Luckily they were getting out of a meeting and we could see her. She was genuinely over-joyed seeing him. She cuddled him and talked with him in Tamil(our language). Everyone is always so joyous to see their work grow- and she said that moments like these are what makes their job worth it. Here us a pic with her. Of course by this point both boys were TIRED.

All in all a good month. We still go monthly for our Synagis shots, but other tan that we are surely hiding. Cannot wait till April to head out and show off our boys. Will definitely try and post more regularly.




4 comments on “Follow ups and such…

  1. avymomm….
    Thanks for the update!! I appreciated it!! ;-D
    Atiksh will be six months old in ten days?! Wow, what a milestone!! Happy six month mark, Atiksh!! Early!! 😉
    Flying colors!! Two beautiful words, right? Good job, Atiksh!! ;-D
    About 15% of weight and gaining!! Way to go, Atiksh!! Keep gaining!! ;-D

  2. Avymomm….
    Happy Valentine’s Day!! ;-D

  3. Avymom….
    It has been nearly one month since your last Blog post!! I miss Atiksh, my Kindred Spirit CDH Buddy!! I do hope that he is well, healthy, and thriving!! 😉

  4. avymom….
    It has been well over two months since you last posted on this Blog!! I am missing Atiksh, my Fellow Kindred Spirit CDH Buddy!! I hope that everyone is staying well and healthy over at your end of the world!! We are going through some Spring cold. Or is it allergies? So difficult to tell sometimes!! 😉

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