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Maybe more regular from now on?

The last two months of our life has been consumed by work, some sickness and managing logistics. That explains the lack of post. Since this is Atiksh’s blog,  I will keep it to that. A bit of update on him-

– He started crawling very close to 7 months and has been going great guns. He does get physical therapy every month and he is way ahead of his curve. He has also recently started standing holding onto to things and minorly cruising. So now I am so tired keeping everything out of his reach.

– He LOVES cars, trains and balls- especially big balls. He pushes them and crawls behind them. He still puts everything in his mouth all the time.

– We started solids for him and after some initial hiccups he tolerates them well. Due to Avy having allergies we have been slow to introduce foods and so far he does prefer fruits to vegetables and his favorite is Apple-Avocado mush:). Though if he does not want to eat, nothing can make him- feisty little one.

– He has started babbling big time. He calls Avy “Athaaa” and Ajit and I he calls “Dada”. He of course adores his big brother and wants to be around him all the time.  Now that my work has eased up, hoping to have both of them at home more.

– He did fall sick in March- cough, cold and an ear infection. It freaked me out- his fever went up to 103F and it was a tough week. However his little body fought it well, no major issues, no hospitalizations, for the most part he was just a kid with an infection.

– Now that spring is finally here, we have started to take him out- Avy’s soccer games, a restaurant visit, visits to pick up Avy…hoping to more.

– My dad is coming in 3 weeks and I am uber excited. He never got to see Atiksh off the vents- Atiksh was still in critical care when my dad left. It is going to be super emotional and I cannot wait for him to hold Atiksh. He is the only grandparent who hasn’t has the chance yet.

– I still worry, a LOT. Every time he coughs, every time he throws up a bit, every time he refuses to eat, every time he cries…I am sure it will leave me entirely.

– This time last year was the worst time of my life, as we had just heard about the diagnosis and did not have a clear path. In fact one year to today was when we had the high tech scan to confirm his diagnosis. Looking at him playing with his favorite ball now in front of me, I still feel a pit in my stomach. I hope he continues to stay okay.

– We have a hearing test follow up next month. Some CDH kids have delayed hearing loss due to the high dosage antibiotics and other drugs they have been exposed to. I do hope that goes well, it is always nerve wracking.

– Oh to add- he is such a mommy’s pet. Needless to say, as we do spend all day together. I have started going to Tang Soo Do (Korean martial art) with Avy since Feb, something for us to bond over . Those few evenings am away Atiksh finds it hard, but it is Daddy-son time. I do have to help him through this phase, as daycare or nanny is something we are talking about as I do need to go back to work. My life is a handful with both my boys.

Here is to a great Spring for everyone. I do promise to update more regularly, as I am low on workload for a while now.

Pics for all….

Crawling cutey

Crawling cutey



Fresh from a bath

Fresh from a bath

All ready to go out

All ready to go out


One comment on “Maybe more regular from now on?

  1. avymom….
    Welcome back to Blogging, Friend!! 😉
    I am so happy beyond words that Atiksh is thriving developmentally!! Keep kicking CDH’s butt!! ;-D
    Your worries are very valid. You love this precious little guy something fierce, and what comes with that is unbearable thoughts of losing him. Embrace these worries, but do not let them make you insane. Atiksh is a fighter. A survivor. I pray that throughout his lifetime he will thrive!! I look forward to watching him grow up!! 😉
    Enjoy your Dad’s visit!! ;-D

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