Hearing well??

Today we passed a big milestone. Atiksh has his hearing follow up test…he passed with flying colors. A certain percentage of CDH kids have delayed hearing loss, so we need to monitor him closely. He will have once every year till he is 5. For now, he is good.

He has been growing well, babbling a LOT and knows a lot- he will looks at different things when we ask him- his favorite elephant toy, his big brother, his grandpa..he can recognise and look at everything.

He can wave bye-bye in a weird way though, he can play hide and seek with his dad…and is officially cruising now. I swear I will put more pics soon. Just a quick update.


3 comments on “Hearing well??

  1. avymom….
    Thanks for the update!! 😉
    Atiksh passed his hearing test?! Praise God!! ;-D
    Wait. What?! Kids who were born with CDH can suffer from hearing loss?! How is that even possible?! I suffer from hearing loss myself–in the right ear–but I’ve also experienced countless ear infections!! Hmmm. 😉

  2. avymom….
    Happy Mother’s Day, Friend!! 😉

  3. Super duper!!

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