Big day for Little A

Today is a very big. big. big day for our Littlest A. He is starting daycare. We are going to start slow, he is gone for 2 hours today. It is all very overwhelming.

This was a hard decision  for us, but a much needed one. I have been on a break from work for almost a year now and I am more than ready to go back.  I go back in July.Yet, this day breaks my heart.

Morning started off, with all of us getting ready. Avy was excited, but also sad. He said that his baby would cry. For some weird reason I feel more sfae knowing Atiksh is going to be in the same place as Avy. Avy is just in the next classroom, as though that would help. Yet it makes me feel a little better. They wore matching Yo Gabba Gabba T shirts.

We went, dropped Avy off first and then went to Atiksh’s classroom. Ajit was holding him the whole time. When it was time we handed him off to Ms. Jessica. Ajit mentioned that on Avy’s first day, Ajit handed off to Ms. Jessica too. We love her. Atiksh went willingly, hugged her and just lay on her shoulders. I knew he wouldn’t want to go if I held him. He was fine, till he saw me leave and he just wanted to cry. We make a quick walk outside and I broke down. It never is easy.

I am home now, typing this. I have a whole lot of cleaning to finish before I go back for him. Tears are not stopping. I want all of you who pulled for him during his surgery time to pull for him now. This is him being ‘normal’ and I need all the good thoughts. I just called- he is crying in small bouts on and off, but apparently made a real connection with a little girl and playing with her. God bless little girls.

This morning…


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6 comments on “Big day for Little A

  1. avymom….
    You need us to pull for Atiksh with good thoughts, huh? Alright!! Atiksh going to daycare is a significant milestone in his little life. One that he would have never even had, if not for surviving CDH!! Go Atiksh!! Here’s to “normal”…. Whatever “normal” is!! 😉

  2. don’t worry anu,, a few words from me who had undergone the same pain…. my heart broke, when i left harish (8 months old) in new hand and went to office with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. what to do? this too will pass.. after some days he will be happy…. reku felt comfortable with harish company in the same creche. same for Atiksh….

  3. Hello, I’ve been following you for a while now. My son was born in January with a left CDH as well and we plan on sending him to daycare in September. Watching you with “A” has given me hope and strength that sending “I” to daycare will be ok and that both boys will have ‘normal’ lives. Thank you for giving another CDH mom that strength. 🙂

  4. Avymom….
    It has been one month since you last posted on this Blog!! I am missing Atiksh, my Kindred Spirit CDH Buddy!! How is preschool working out? Does he enjoy it? Have there been any separation anxiety issues? I do hope that he’s staying well and healthy. {Unlike me, who is fighting a head cold!! Yuck!!} 😉

  5. Avymom….
    It has been two months since you last posted on this Blog!! I am missing Atiksh, my Kindred Spirit CDH Buddy!! I do hope that he is staying well, healthy, thriving, reaching milestones, kicking CDH’s ass, and using sure iron will to prove everybody wrong!! 😉

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