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Happy Third Birthday my handsome little Ati!!!!

Dear Atiksh,

Wish you a wonderful birthday. You are three today. Can you believe how fast time has gone by? I still feel like it was yesterday that I was dreaming of you and trying to fill my heart with hope that you will come and make our lives complete and today you make our lives more than complete. You challenge us, keep us on our toes, frustrate us, love us like no one has ever before and you fill the house with so much laughter that I feel like it is all just a dream.

I just realized that I have not written to you in a very long time and I am really glad I am doing this today. I feel like you have reached you third birthday in a hurry. You presence makes us feel like you are way more than three at times. You talk, your attitude, your decisiveness, your charm, everything makes us look at you in awe.

You adore your brother and you love your Appi and Ammi (the nicknames you have for us, and it was born out of your sheer adamancy to refuse to listen to us when we ask you to call us Appa and Amma) with all your heart. I say this often to everyone, when they are with you, they can feel your love. You give the best hugs, best kisses, the best affection and you give it with all your heart. I bet anyone who has spent any time with you will agree.

You are barely three and I already know that you are such a “glass-half-full” kind of person. You are happy, positive and take everything in your stride. Small things make you happy and you just find joy in everything around you. You know what you want so well and you will do anything to get it. It is so hard to convince you to do anything else. This is good and bad at times; I do hope as you get older you learn to control this.

While we are there, please, please be a better eater. I get about 25 white hairs everyday feeding you. Your dad get visibly scared if he has to feed you J, and Avy has already started to lecture me on how I give you too much freedom. So please help me and start eating properly. One more thing, when you do sit, please stop closing your mouth with both your hands, because then, there is nowhere for me to go.

You are a bundle of energy, and can barely stay still. Climbing, jumping, and running is all you do. However at times when you do calm down and grab Avy to play it is very charming. I am also starting to see that you are learning from Avy on how to keep trying something till you figure it out. I was so proud of you, this morning, when you finally figured out, how to draw that line you have been trying since last night and you came running to me to show it.

You favorite songs right now are “See you again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth and “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift. You are so spoilt that you do not want to watch Old McDonald anymore. Avy told me last week that these song are “not appropriate” for you, but he is the one who introduced you to them.:) You sign and hum them so beautifully and it is just too cute.

Your Appa says that you are afraid of everything that is usually harmless, like sound of fire engine, the pressure cooker, but one even scared one bit for things that can harm you- like trying to touch fire, climbing head first down the stairs etc. My little ball of contradictions, I love you.

You do have your quirks and it reminds me on how similar we both are. You do not like anyone touching you with wet hands, and of course, you have your big brother who has to do this and irritate you. You like dates and you call them “Big Gates” and started that because we once gave you chopped dates and just refuse to eat them and started saying that you wanted only “big gates”. You also love to clean and put away things. You clean your chair before sitting in every morning and it is so cute to watch.

You are also such a charmer. When we go out you always tell me “Amma look at those pretty purple flowers, they are just for you”. You will say “I love you” for no reason at all and it is the best moment ever.

You and I have come a long way my little friend, since the day I sat in the hospital not knowing if we will ever get past the first 24 hours mark, since the day my heart broke into a million pieces when the doctor told me that things are not looking good and that you may not be okay, since the day I hoped that you would fight through and come and make our lives joyous, since the day I sat pumping in the hospital with tears running down my cheeks for a baby I longed to hold, since the day I watched you lying there with all the tubes, with your little head shaved on the side and hoping you would come and hug me, since the day you first held my finger with yours and I never wanted to let go, since the day the awesome doctors fought for hours fixing you,, since the day they let me hold you for the first time, since the day they let me rub breastmilk on your lips and it made me feel like I finally had a purpose, since the day I finally started letting hope creep back into my mind, since the day all that hope was shattered again when you barely ate, since the day I sat by your side begging you to somehow start eating, since the day they finally talked about home, since the day your Appa and I drove there really nervous to bring you home, since the day we brought you home and you instantly filled us with joy, since the day we had to keep you inside all the time and since the day we finally left safe to take you out into this world. Boy O Boy, what a ride it has been since that day. You have done nothing but fill everyone’s heart with joy, hope, happiness and love.

I love you so much. Stay the way you are and a very very very happy birthday. Love you to the moon and the stars and the sun and back. Just like how you tell me everyday.

Littlest A IMG_3923 IMG_3938IMG_3941 IMG_3971 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  IMG_4028 IMG_4101 IMG_4146 IMG_4421 IMG_4359 IMG_4523 IMAG1342

Feeding a small happy moment glimpse!

Feeding a small happy moment glimpse!

Yayy my baby brother!

Yayy my baby brother!

Mommy loves on me!, I like it !!!

Mommy loves on me!, I like it !!!








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