Happy Third Birthday my handsome little Ati!!!!

Dear Atiksh, Wish you a wonderful birthday. You are three today. Can you believe how fast time has gone by? I still feel like it was yesterday that I was dreaming of you and trying to fill my heart with hope that you will come and make our lives complete and today you make our […]

Happy New Year my love!!!

Dear Atiksh, I want to apologize first for not writing this letter to you for your first birthday. I was just over the moon with that milestone that my brain refused to slow down to write this. If you do not know my now, you will soon, your mom is a sucker for New Year. […]

Just a year ago…

Just over a year ago, we packed our bags and moved , not knowing what the future held. With a heavy tummy, a terrified heart, I moved. Somehow packed everything and moved to a new place I would call home, not knowing for how long then. It was terrifying, petrifying to say the least. With […]

Big day for Little A

Today is a very big. big. big day for our Littlest A. He is starting daycare. We are going to start slow, he is gone for 2 hours today. It is all very overwhelming. This was a hard decision  for us, but a much needed one. I have been on a break from work for […]

Hearing well??

Today we passed a big milestone. Atiksh has his hearing follow up test…he passed with flying colors. A certain percentage of CDH kids have delayed hearing loss, so we need to monitor him closely. He will have once every year till he is 5. For now, he is good. He has been growing well, babbling […]

Maybe more regular from now on?

The last two months of our life has been consumed by work, some sickness and managing logistics. That explains the lack of post. Since this is Atiksh’s blog,  I will keep it to that. A bit of update on him- – He started crawling very close to 7 months and has been going great guns. […]

Follow ups and such…

Wow it has been a while since I posted, you can say life in crazy. My in laws left three weeks ago and I am trying to balance working from home, taking care of the little one who is getting more and more mobile everyday and balance handling two kids and one husband. It more […]