Baby girl B…

I did not know how to title this post. I am using how she was known on her Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/WeSupportBabyB). We met her at the NICU in UVA. She was Atiksh’s pod mate first and then they were in adjacent bed for weeks. She was already there for 2 months when Atiksh was born. […]

Updates and adios 2012…

Wow it has nearly been two months since I updated anything. Time sure does fly when you learn to manage the new lifestyle life has thrown at you. Let me rewind and try to do a recap by months- November: The last time I wrote I did write about the Synagis vaccine. Turns out that […]

Lucky number 8!

The number 8 has played such an important role in Atiksh’s life that I thought it will be fun to recap it: August 18th- He was born, my sweet charming little angel. August 28th- His first major surgery to repair his Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia September 8th- The first time he took a breath on his […]

Happy Haloween

It was all about being home together by Halloween, that was the hope that kept me going. It turned out much better than that. So here I present the Mummy and the Black Ghoul…

Happy one month!

Happy one month at home dear Atiksh. It has been nothing but wonderful. Just this week has been stressful with Avy being sick- cold, cough, ear infection…but nevertheless, just what I wanted with all my boys under one roof. I am not sure if I have mentioned before but about 5-10% of children with CDH […]

Saying bye is hard!

My mom left to India today. I miss her.She has been with us for almost 10 months. She came in Jan when I was very sick with nausea and vomiting and has stayed with us every step of the way through this arduous journey we went on. She was determined to go back only after bringing the […]

A special two month birthday!

We celebrated Atiksh’s two month birthday in two special ways- We had his traditional Indian naming ceremony (Punyavachanam) at home performed by Ajit’s dad and we took a special little trip to Charlottesville, where it all began, to see Dr. Rodgers for his surgery follow up appointment. We named him ‘Rangarajan’ after my dad as his […]